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Saturday October 17, 2020

Syria’s gunmen sharpen their swords to kill their brothers … Let’s complete ‘Peace Spring’!

The world – patchwork

It is known that operations east of the Euphrates had been stopped by virtue of the Turkish-Russian Sochi agreement on the region, where it was agreed to remove the Kurdish fighters from the entire Turkish-Syrian border strip, for a distance of up to 32 km, with the exception of Qamishli, but this happened after mercenaries entered. The Free Army “went to the homes of the Kurds in the north of Aleppo and looted, burned and destroyed them, of course, after they killed and displaced the residents of these areas.

Human rights organizations confirm that the Syrian militants loyal to Turkey have committed violations against the Kurds, Christians, Shiites, and other minorities, such as the Yezidis, in Syria..

Reports also regularly monitor the kidnapping of the “Hamza Division” of women in Afrin in Aleppo (northwestern Syria), where Turkey and its mercenaries from the Syrian opposition imposed control over it two years ago.

While the “military contractors” usually do not seek to kill unarmed women and children, the “free groups” have killed many women and children of the Ahl al-Bayt School (peace be upon them) in Aleppo, Idlib and Homs, and the “Ahrar al-Sharqiya” group, which is one of the Factions of the so-called “Free Syrian Army”, which later changed into the “Syrian National Army” after being trained and reconfigured by Turkey, killed the Syrian Kurdish politician, Hevrin Khalaf, last November..

It seems that these mercenaries, some of whom are fighting in Libya and some others, the Turks took him to Azerbaijan to fight for money in a war in which he has no camel or camel, and he longs for the smell of blood and money as well, and therefore at least he hopes to complete the operations east of the Euphrates, perhaps and hopefully he will get a new job. And new money.

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Last September, Colonel Ziad Haji Ubaid, a leader in the “Free”, pledged to defend Turkish interests inside and outside the Syrian territories, stressing that they would go to Azerbaijan alongside the Turkish army if necessary, and they are actually fighting in Azerbaijan, but not on the side of the Turkish army, but instead of it. Given their large number and low cost, not only in financial terms compared to the Turkish army, but in terms of the local political cost of the Turkish government.

Regardless of the claims of the leaders of the militants in Syria that Turkey is an “ally” to them, the truth is that the loss of a Syrian mercenary means zero for the Turkish government, while any gains that mercenaries make in areas of external conflict mean the consolidation of a strong image of the Turkish regime, as usually Turkey does not rely on luring fighters with financial salaries, along with some religious propaganda, to fight non-existent enemies.

An example of this in Ottoman history is Turkey’s recruitment of foreign units, such as the irregular military forces of “Bashi Bazuq”, which were made up of African Turks, and the “Janissaries”, which were the most powerful and influential Ottoman army divisions, and consisted of prisoners of war from the young men.

This fully confirms that those who call themselves the “Syrian opposition” were never trying to obtain rights or defend alleged freedom. Rather, they were and still are mercenaries who buy and sell in the soil of the homeland under different names.

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