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Tuesday June 2, 2020

Syrian women sit-in to reveal the fate of detainees in Afrin prisons

The World – Syria

Dozens of activists and journalists joined the sit-in that took place in the “tourist” street in Qamishli, and the protesters raised olive branches and pictures of detainees and other victims who died in previous times, as a result of kidnappings or in the prisons of the groups affiliated with Turkey.

During the sit-in, the participants carried banners saying: “Turkey is responsible for the crimes committed in Afrin”, “ISIS crimes are repeated in Afrin”, “Where are the feminist organizations of what is going on in crimes in Afrin?”

In a statement read out during the sit-in, the women called for “the formation of an independent investigation committee to prosecute the perpetrators for the crimes they committed, including killing, kidnapping and torture of Kurdish women in Afrin,” and to allow credible media organizations to enter the region.

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