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Saturday January 16, 2021

Syrian deputy reveals the main goal of the war on Syria?

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Al-Akam said during his hosting of the program “With Al-Hadath” broadcast on Al-Alam TV, “The war that was launched against Syria since 2011 was aimed at eliminating the Syrian state and infusing the axis of resistance in it to weaken it and occupy it in Syria,” explaining, “The result was the opposite of that, where it succeeded. Syria is in the fight against terrorism, these terrorist entities that were created and supported by Western and Gulf countries, Syria is now in an advanced stage of combating terrorism and has isolated terrorism in a part of Idlib and in the Jazira Triangle, with the support of the resistance, stressing that there is a regional environment that reduced the possibility of attacking the axis, so it left More powerful ones. “

A member of the Syrian People’s Assembly stressed that all the means used by the United States of America and its courses to change the constants of this region and fragment the axis of resistance have vanished and have not achieved their goals.

Al-Akam added that America and its tools in the region have developed the means of warfare towards economic warfare and the method of siege, and this means that it is an implicit acknowledgment that the war through terrorist entities has not achieved its objectives, so the decision was to go to a new image of the attack on the region and this axis as a whole, through the policy of economic blockade is not It only targets Syria, but rather all the countries of the axis of resistance, indicating in return Syria and all the Axis countries are developing methods of defiance and confrontation and finding solutions to this war. “

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