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Tuesday May 26, 2020

Syria: The arrest of ‘quarries’ has caused chaos in the university city

The World – Syria

And the Syrian Ministry of the Interior published in a post on it “Facebook” that, “on 20/5/2020 AD, some of the citizens who were detained in the university city of Mezzeh in Damascus raised the chaos and riots and threw the food intended for them from the building balcony.”

“Immediately, the eastern Mezze police station in Damascus investigated these people, it turned out that they number seven, and they confessed to provoking chaos, riots and throwing food allocated to them from the building balcony, on the pretext that he arrived at the center with a pickup truck, at the instigation of one of them called (Ibrahim) A) And the person called (Abdullah) photographed and posted the photos on social media with the intention of offending, “according to the Interior Ministry statement.

She indicated that the necessary control has been organized against the arrested and legal measures taken, and their receipt after the end of the quarantine period.

And by submitting the investigations to the Public Prosecution in Damascus, I decided to arrest them and bring them to justice on the morning of Saturday, 5 May 2020.

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