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Wednesday February 24, 2021

Syria: Some countries are using the Conference on Disarmament to settle their scores with countries that do not share their hostile policies

The World – Syria

In a speech at the Conference on Disarmament, Al-Miqdad added, “These countries have not only obstructed the return of the conference to the exercise of its role in recent years, but rather worked to undermine the credibility and role of the mechanisms that were established based on agreements negotiated at the conference.”

He pointed out that “the politicization of the work of the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons has led to its exclusion from its duties set by the ban agreement and posed a threat to its credibility and its future,” noting that “American and Western pressure on the technical secretariat aims to transform the organization into a tool to target states party to the agreement in the service of the geopolitical interests of the United States.” The only party to the agreement that continues to possess chemical weapons since World War II until this moment. “

He pointed out that “after Western pressure and the imposition of an illegal decision to establish the so-called investigation team and determine responsibility in a manner that contravenes the provisions of the Chemical Weapons Convention, the United States and France are seeking to promote new draft resolutions with the aim of creating pretexts for committing more acts of aggression against Syria and encouraging terrorist organizations to carry out chemical plays. A new fabrication is a service of aggressive American and Israeli policies. “

He stressed the necessity not to allow “these plays to be passed on nor to transform international organizations such as the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons into a front for Western policies, and this is the responsibility of all member states of this organization and this particular conference.”

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