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Friday February 14, 2020

Syria .. Is it time for war for Turkey in Idlib?

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We begin our tour of the press to this day with comments in the newspapers about developments in the Libyan issue after the Security Council adopted the cease-fire decision in Libya. Turkish newspapers and how to read the Turkish-Russian dispute and its implications. Corona virus with Chinese newspaper pens close to the government. As well as analyzes in various other files.

Newspaper questioned The Guardian The British commitment to the extent of the commitment of the parties to the Libyan conflict to the conditions for the implementation of the first binding resolution for a cease-fire in Libya adopted by the United Nations Security Council on Wednesday since the outbreak of fighting between Haftar and the reconciliation forces early April. It relied on its skepticism about the apparent retreat on the ground of the authority of the United Nations. The arms embargo it imposed previously is violated with impunity. Major General Khalifa Hifter also prevents the granting of landing permits to United Nations personnel in Libya. Therefore, the Guardian considers that the British decision to stop the ceasefire is now seen as a test of the United Nations’ declining influence on Libyan affairs, at least.

Another violation of international resolutions in Libya, which we read in an article on Arabic Post. Decisions requiring Libyan oil to remain under the control of the Libyan National Corporation, while Libyan oil production continues to be suspended by a decision from Haftar and from Arab and European countries, according to the site. The latter cautioned that closing the oil ports would not only destroy the country’s economy, but more dangerous that it might fuel federal separatism and a new division of Libya.

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The time for war has come and the time for action has ended, a newspaper issued a warning Winnie twilight Turkish close to justice and development .. The article accuses the anti-Turkey front, which includes European and Arab countries such as the United Arab Emirates and Egypt, in addition to Russia, also by investing the Idlib paper to keep Turkey away from Libya. This is what they do by carrying out attacks against Turkish forces, which is a very dangerous game, according to the author. Who warned that Turkey will not back down, and even if it pays attention to negotiations, it will not hesitate when the time comes to implement severe interventions that will spoil everyone’s calculations. Therefore, every place between Latakia and Qamishli is a potential target, according to the author.

Take an opinion Arab Jerusalem Today the decision to hand Omar al-Bashir to the International Criminal Court. The decision as to its appropriateness and symbolism is supposed to have political repercussions outside Sudan as well. The newspaper says, if it was implemented and Bashir was handed over, it would set a major precedent in the history of Arab presidents and would give elites and peoples the ability to depend on the possibility of Arab regimes being subject to the provisions of international law, as it would grant the Sudanese, as well as their Arab counterparts, Possible hope of justice one day. The condition that Bashir is not a scapegoat for others who have caused great crimes and want to remain in power, or just a sacrifice to get close to the international system only.

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Despite the significant rise in the death toll of corona virus in China, it was considered a newspaper Global Times Close to the Chinese government, it is time to resume the suspended flights to China.
With the exception of Hubei Province and some cities where the situation is still serious, airports and train stations in major cities such as Beijing and Shanghai are busy again. Adding that the ban of some countries to travel to China is a serious violation of the recommendations of the World Health Organization, because it did not impose any restrictions on travel or trade against China, the latter adopted strong and effective control measures and achieved tighter control of the epidemic ending the newspaper.

With the conclusion of the third session of the Cairo International Monodrama Days, it was expanded London Arabs In its cultural opening, it is a reading of an Iraqi show titled “Sumerians”. The show stems from the current reality of Iraq, so it is loaded with projections and indications that brilliantly open the wound of living reality on the history of Iraq as a whole, near and far, as it is a great wound related to the author of the article. Despite these wounds, the show wanted, and over thirty minutes, to also say that there is something worth sacrificing and enduring in a land that does not accept durability and drought. Patience for survival is the unquestionable choice until the resurrection of Iraq.

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