mild symptoms

If a child falls on his head, he will be exposed to various head injuries, as the skull, scalp, or brain may be affected, and blood vessels and tissues in the child’s head may also be damaged, where symptoms of injury appear to a different degree depending on the different severity of the injury, and some can be mentioned. Mild symptoms resulting from a child falling on his head are as follows:[1]

  • The presence of a small, superficial wound on the scalp.
  • Swelling in a small part of the head resulting from exposure to trauma.
  • Irritation.
  • Suffering from nausea.
  • blurred vision
  • Experiencing fatigue or lethargy.
  • Eye fatigue.
  • A change in sleep pattern.
  • Altered sense of taste.
  • Balance disturbances.
  • Increased sensitivity to light and annoying sounds.
  • confusion
  • Having a headache.
  • Suffering from tinnitus.

More serious symptoms

There are many symptoms that a child may appear in the event of a serious head injury, and these symptoms include the following:[2]

  • Having convulsions.
  • Having difficulty walking.
  • Having a persistent headache.
  • Constant or frequent dizziness.
  • Weakness in the arms or legs.
  • Blood or watery fluid flowing from the ears or nose.
  • Vomiting more than two or three times.
  • Speech interference occurs.
  • Pale skin, which lasts for more than an hour.
  • Blurry vision.
  • Being irritable or exhibiting other abnormal behaviors.
  • Feeling of constant ringing in the ear.
  • Difficulty getting to know people familiar to him.

Injuries caused by a child falling on his head

As a result of falling on the head, the child is exposed to a variety of injuries, including the following:[3]

  • Skull fracture: It affects about 1-2% of children if they are exposed to head injuries, and skull fracture is often accompanied by headache only, without any other symptoms.
  • Brain injury: It is a serious problem. It is uncommon and results in bruising, swelling, or bleeding in the brain.
  • Scalp injuries: Scalp injuries are common injuries to a child falling on his head, such as scrapes, bruises, cuts, or swelling.
  • Concussion: A concussion occurs as a result of an injury to the head, or a sudden shaking, which causes a change in the way the brain works.

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Symptoms of a child falling on his head

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