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Monday November 16, 2020

Swelling and redness are symptoms of osteoarthritis of knee joint

The German portal “Live Line.D” explained that term knee joint erosion refers to damage and changes in knee joint, which result in wear of cartilage in knee joint due to inflammation, which is one of most common forms of arthritis.

The main symptoms of knee joint wear are pain, as well as restriction of movement and muscle tension in knee joint, and depending on extent of damage, signs of inflammation such as swelling, redness and a high temperature can also appear.


Inflammations in knee joint area can lead to joint dysfunction, and genetic factor and abnormalities in leg bones may also be cause of wear, and overload from sports or physical work may be cause of knee joint wear, in addition to joint injuries and bone fractures ; As each change in shape reduces function of knee joint, and loosening of joint due to torn ligaments also leads to increased wear or improper stress on knee.

The diagnosis

In event of symptoms in knee joint, doctor first asks about medical history in family and performs a physical examination. Radiology and blood tests can confirm diagnosis of knee osteoarthritis and exclude or diseases that cause similar symptoms.

Often goal of treating knee joint erosion is to treat and calm infections, with lifestyle changes and learning correct movement of knee, relying on physical rapy, or cartilage protection preparations, as well as antiinflammatory drugs, and re may be a need for surgical intervention with a cartilage transplant or knee replacement. .

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