Prayers and prayers on the night of the wedding

It was proven on the authority of some of the predecessors – may God be pleased with them – to pray two rak’ahs on the wedding night, and it is also desirable to supplicate on the night of the wedding by saying:[1] It is also mustahabb to supplicate during intercourse by saying:[2] The supplication is made in a moderate voice, not in faintness or out loud, as other hadiths indicate that the name of God is mentioned before or at intercourse with the wife, and that is also lawful for the wife, and in this is an achievement of blessing and a blessing for her from God Almighty, and it should be noted that supplication is not associated with intercourse. If the husband repeats the supplication and then refrains from intercourse, there is nothing wrong with that, as it should be noted that the second supplication mentioned above is not limited to the wedding night only, but is prescribed for every intercourse, while the supplication mentioned first and the two rak’ahs of prayer on the night of the wedding take place only.[3]

Sunnahs of the wedding night

There are many Sunnahs related to the wedding night, and the following are some of them:[4]

  • Dressing and decorating.
  • Sexual intercourse is prohibited from the anus, and is only permissible in the vagina.
  • Ghusl is required after intercourse, even if ejaculation has not occurred.
  • Be careful with the supplications mentioned in the Sunnah when having intercourse.

Marriage goals

Marriage was legislated to achieve a number of goals and matters, some of which are explained below:[5]

  • Preserving and protecting both spouses from immorality, taboo and abomination, and protecting the private parts from forbidden enjoyment, which leads to the preservation of societies and the preservation of their morals and principles.
  • Both spouses enjoy the other, and benefit from the rights owed by each of them.
  • Achieving peace, tranquility and psychological comfort.
  • Preserving the human species, which is not preserved in a correct and sound manner except through marriage.
  • enjoying offspring; As it is the adornment of the life of this world, and their parents seek help from them in fulfilling their needs.

the reviewer

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Prayers and prayers on the night of the wedding

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