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Saturday May 23, 2020

Study shows placenta of pregnant women with corona

New evidence has shown that placenta of 16 pregnant women who have been diagnosed with Covid19 during normal tests in a Chicago hospital are indicating that women with Corona virus may need careful followup during pregnancy.

Fifteen of m gave birth to healthy children, while one miscarried. The tests showed that none of living children had Covid19, a disease caused by emerging coronavirus.


The study, published by American Clinical Pathology, found that 12 of se women, or 80% of m, had a type of infection that could disrupt blood flow from mor to fetus called poor blood flow.

Six of m, or 40%, had blood clots in placenta. A historical comparison group showed that re was poor vascular flow in 55% of patients and blood clots in placenta in 9% of cases.

The research included women who gave birth in Northwestern Prentis Hospital for Women between March 15 and May 5.

“These results support possibility that something in coronavirus creates clots and that occurs in placenta,” said hospital physician and physician Jeffrey Goldstein. He added that problems related to blood flow from placenta may lead to impeding growth of fetus and low levels of surrounding fluid, and even to death of fetus.

There are reports of blood clots in adult patients with Covid19 leading to strokes. But in this study, none of fifteen live children appeared to have any health problems.

Goldstein said it makes sense to continue to follow up on babies born to mors who are HIVpositive to determine if y face any problems.

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