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High school is considered one of the important stages in the life of all students, so the student’s fate and future profession depends on the rate that he will obtain in those exams, so choosing the right way to study during that year is a very important matter, but before the exams every student must prepare psychologically to study and for that Year, despite the importance of studying in that year, many may get low marks in exams as a result of stress or anxiety and fear of exams.[1]

Studying for high school

The process of studying for high school exams starts from the beginning of the school year, not one or two weeks before the exams.[2]

  • Set your goal of high school from the beginning of the year. If the subject you want to study at the university has a high rate, you have to work more and work more.
  • Start preparing a plan for studying from the beginning of the year. Make a daily plan for studying based on the class schedule, and a weekly plan in which you review the materials you take during that week, and you have to give each subject its due according to your skill in it and how difficult it is. Memorizing materials, for example, may need time Less daily than math or science.
  • Take school exams seriously, and study for them as you do for final exams, which will help you be prepared when it comes time for final exams.
  • Make your study schedule during the year a realistic schedule, you cannot put your golf without leaving room for play during the whole year, you have to make time to entertain yourself as well so that you are back at the top of your activity again to study.

Preparing for high school exams

When the exams are due, you have to remain calm, which you will be able to do easily if you have studied your lessons well during the school year, and you can follow the following steps when the exams are approaching:[3]

  • Take things more seriously, as this is the interval in which your effort will manifest itself during the entire year.
  • Start studying for the exams two weeks before the exams themselves start. Set a schedule in which you can review all the study materials at least once before the exams start. You should also prepare according to your exam schedule. If there is a material that is preceded by a little time, it is important to prepare for it. more during this period.
  • Test yourself several times by putting the exam questions, or having someone else put them for you, or bring about the questions of previous years, and solve them within the prescribed period at home in an atmosphere similar to the exam, and repeat the ball more than once so that you can solve it in the scheduled time.
  • If you follow the previous steps, you will be fully prepared for the exam, but you have to take care of your food before the exam and get enough sleep to be fully focused.

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Study methods for high school

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