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Tuesday January 14, 2020

Students demonstrate in the capital for a “democratic transition”

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About 2,000 students demonstrated in Algiers for the forty-seventh week in a row, raising a 14-point list expressing “the demands of the movement” of the ruling authority.

Algiers witnessed Mass demonstration It included about two thousand students for the forty-seventh week in a row, and this demonstration was marked by demonstrators raising a 14-point list expressing “the demands of the movement” of the ruling authority.

The students, along with many citizens, began their weekly march from the Martyrs Square, below the ancient city of Kasbah, towards the Central University in the center of the capital, amid a slight security spread compared to the first weeks of the movement that started on February 22.

The demonstrators marched chanting the slogan, “Our peaceful march, our demands are legitimate” and “a false taboo brought by the military”, in reference to their rejection of President Abdel Majid Taboun-elect in a proposal that witnessed a large boycott on December 12.

The demonstration dispersed quietly in the afternoon.

You see a fait accompli.

For students, “Taboun has become a reality that must be dealt with, but this does not mean recognition,” said Nazir, a 23-year-old economics and management student.

“The movement continues, and it will reach its goal, which is the real democratic transition,” he added.

He continued, “He has the opportunity to amend the constitution to demonstrate the sincerity of his intention to respond to the demands of the movement as promised.”

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For the first time since the beginning of the student movement, the demonstrators raised a huge 14-point banner “expressing the movement’s demands.”

In the preamble to the demands, “the democratic transition and the achievement of political and media openness”, as well as “the dissolution of Parliament and the entire elected assembly” and the holding of advance elections to replace it. It also stated in the demands, “to stop the dictates of the military establishment and only to accompany the path chosen by the people.”

Munir (28 years), a PhD student in political science, considered that this list, prepared by students from various universities, “represents the demands of students, but also the demands of the movement and is directed to the ruling authority.”

“Whoever wants dialogue, read these demands.”

He continued, “Whoever wants to engage in dialogue with the movement must read and implement these demands, but our journey is continuing until the regime” that governs the country ends in independence in 1962.

On Tuesday, the Algerian presidency installed an “expert committee” tasked with preparing proposals on revising the constitution, according to what President Abdel Majid Taboun promised on the day after his election.

Taboon also began political consultations with political figures, including the head of the New Generation Party, Jilali Sufyan, who had always been supportive of the movement.


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