The strawberry moon will be full and visible on Tuesday, June 14, 2022. This strawberry moon is a special treat because it’s not an ordinary full moon, but a supermoon that looks bigger and brighter, will it be pink? What is the real origin of the name Strawberry Moon?

Common definition of a giant moon

A strawberry moon is any full moon at a distance of at least 90% from perigee (the point where the moon is closest to Earth), with the June full moon standing 222,238.4 miles (357,658 km) comfortably within that cut-off point.

Full moon in June 2022

Strawberry Moon will be full in June 2022
Strawberry Moon will be full in June 2022

Do not forget to watch the strawberry moon, this strange phenomenon that rarely strikes the earth. Prepare tomorrow evening to watch it right after sunset. All you have to do is direct your eyes to the southeast to see the completion of the beautiful strawberry moon above the horizon, where it will decorate the earth with its large size and pink color tilted to Golden. In fact, if you miss seeing it on the first day, it’s okay, the strawberry moon will remain visible in the same place for about 3 days, starting from tomorrow and up to three days, according to estimates, i.e. from Sunday evening to Wednesday morning.

strawberry supermoon This full moon will be the second supermoon of 2022! This phenomenon occurs when the Moon’s orbit is as close as possible to the Earth, which makes it clear to us – the inhabitants of the Earth – a larger and brighter Moon.

The best time to observe the strawberry moon

The best time to observe the strawberry moon
The best time to observe the strawberry moon

According to sources that came from scientists in the American artifacts of natural history, the best and optimal time to observe the moon is at its sunrise or sunset, as it will be clear to the naked eye, without the need to use a telescope, but unfortunately the timing varies between countries of the world, as it may be clear in A particular country, rather than others, but scholars are unanimously agreed on one thing, which is that the optimal view of the moon will be for the residents of the United States, specifically in the southern half of the country and the southwest.

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Why is it called the strawberry moon?

There have been multiple opinions about naming the strawberry moon by this name, but in general, the names are given according to phenomena or events that occurred simultaneously at that time. I think it’s named after the color of the natural giant strawberry moon. In fact, the moon usually appears reddish when approaching the horizon because the rays of light must pass through the denser layers of the atmosphere.

On the other hand, the name “Strawberry Moon” was used by the Algonquin Native American tribes living in the northeastern United States as well as the Ojibwe, Dakota and Lakota peoples to refer to the ripening of strawberries in the month of June ready for harvest. Big harvest for many.

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How long does the moon need to reappear?

This follows to the type of tribes or clan that monitor the appearance of the strawberry moon, meaning that there is no single system for calculating, some of them monitor the moon after 4 seasons in the year, and some of them monitor it after 5 seasons.

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Information about the strawberry supermoon

The shape of the giant moon may look impressive, and here is some information about it:

  • The strawberry moon is affected by the tides that occur between the moon and the sun.
  • The moon is 406 billion years old.
  • It was formed about 30 and 50 million years after the solar system.
  • Its size is smaller than Earth, similar in size to the planet Pluto.
  • The strawberry moon has an area of ​​14.6 million square miles.
  • The gravity on the surface of the strawberry moon is one sixth of Earth’s (Gravity).
  • It is oval rather than circular, and its larger end is pointed toward the ground.
  • It occurs on the surface of the strawberry moon as albumin, just as it occurs on planet Earth, as it is caused by it.
  • It has a molten core at its center, a point it shares with the planet Earth.

The strawberry moon is one of the wonders of this life, and a rare phenomenon, so if you are alive today, do not prevent yourself from watching it and taking souvenir pictures of it, tell your friends about it, and expect to see the giant pink moon tomorrow!