The development of scientific research methodology

The scientific research curriculum is one of the most important things that the researcher needs, which are the mechanisms that the researcher follows in writing the research, the ways to collect his information, and thus how to come up with it in its final form. Scientific studies and research projects with multiple titles and a variety of forms. We also see specialized researchers in various political, economic, educational, and social fields.

Stages of development of scientific research methodology

  • Trial and Error: The researcher attempts to experiment with his observations and facts, to reach specific research conclusions.
  • Authority and Traditions: where the researcher resorts to imitating the opinions of his predecessors of scholars and thinkers, and thus adopts them, especially in political, economic, educational, and social issues
  • Speculation and controversy: in which the researcher arrives at information and scientific facts in various issues through debates, controversy and dialogue.
  • The scientific method: It is frequently used in the natural sciences, and is based on conducting specific experiments on certain hypotheses that fulfilled the necessary information and data, and then arriving at scientific conclusions based on that.

The importance of scientific research

  • Develop the researcher’s research expertise in various fields and topics of research.
  • Exciting the student to follow up on various scientific issues, especially if his research efforts received attention, follow-up and encouragement.
  • Increasing the knowledge and cultural balance of man in the fields of science, culture and knowledge.
  • Recognize the references and original sources of knowledge and science.
  • Determine the validity and accuracy of the information, by analyzing it, and finding out whether it is correct or weak.
  • Refining science and knowledge from some of the negative impurities.
  • Raising the status of science and scientists, and shedding light on the history of scientists.
  • Strengthening the connection of science students with scientific libraries, and raising the status of the book as a great scientific and cognitive value.
  • Giving the researcher the ability to discuss research issues, compare them, and choose the best one.

Our duty towards scientific research

Given the great importance that scientific research represents for students of science, it is our duty to pay attention to it in the different stages of academic study in a gradual way, starting from introducing students to scientific and school libraries, and introducing them to the titles of different books in various fields, passing through field research visits to libraries, and all this is in conjunction with Adopting curricula and courses specialized in scientific research in the various stages of study, and reminding students of the need to follow the information as it appears in the bellies of books, and through specialized libraries, and not to withdraw and copy ready-made scientific topics from various Internet sites, as this method kills the spirit of research, and weakens the importance and value of the book.

Stages of development of scientific research methodology

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