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Monday October 26, 2020

Sri Lanka Tourism – Tourism in Sri Lanka Your guide for traveling with your family

From jungles to enchanting beaches, elephant shelters, to turtle babysitting and diving into tea plantations, Sri Lanka is a picturesque destination, and the beauty of East Asia is focused in one place.
The following is a travel guide to Sri Lanka, in which I inform you of all the necessary steps before traveling to this amazing tropical island, in addition to the most beautiful addresses and special events for the whole family.

Visa and necessary vaccinations before travel

The tourist entry visa, as well as the transit visa, is a prerequisite for entering Sri Lanka by air or sea as of 2013, and it is preferable to complete the required procedures before travel in simple steps through the website, with the possibility to do so upon your arrival at the airport, and in general, the tourist visa for Sri Lanka is granted for a period not exceeding 30 days. Regarding vaccinations, the only vaccine required is against yellow fever, and if you are on a visit to one of the countries affected by yellow fever during the six days before entering Sri Lanka, proof that you have the appropriate vaccine is required.

The cheapest airline tickets to Sri Lanka

SriLankan Airlines is the national carrier of the country, and its two main airports are Mattala Rajapaksa International and Bandaranaike International. However, Bandaranaike Airport is the largest and busiest, and it is located 30 km north of Colombo, and due to the interest of Sri Lankan visitors to visit the Maldives, Sri Lankan Airlines and the Emirates operate flights Regularly between Colombo and Mali, compare the offers of the leading airlines to get a clearer idea of ​​the prices of various airlines, including the lowcost airlines “Le Coast”, start your search as early as possible and be flexible with your search dates.

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Transportation in Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka has many means of transportation that allow exploring its attractions, linking various cities in it at low cost, buses, taxis, and car rental are the most used by tourists, and air bags are also available, which are small planes that land in the water, which mainly depart from Colombo to a group There are large cities, and the “TaqTaq” is a popular means of transportation that is also available all over Sri Lanka.

Currency and language in Sri Lanka

The official currency is the Sri Lankan Rupee (LKR), and payment by bank cards is welcome in hotels and restaurants, and the rest of the transactions are often done in cash, ATMs are available in all cities and towns, and you can withdraw an amount not exceeding 5,000 Sri Lankan rupees, and bargaining is required in most stores and markets Likewise, with regard to language, Sinhala is the first official language of Sri Lanka and is spoken by three quarters of the population, followed by Tamil, but the language of tourism is English, so you will not find it difficult to communicate even with sellers in the popular market.

The most beautiful experiences and addresses in Sri Lanka

Exciting beach adventures and lowcost recreation await you here on the dreamy shores of the Indian Ocean, shaded by coconut trees that scent the atmosphere, and enjoying fresh fruit tastes, you will feel satisfied and fun, here are a set of titles for unforgettable adventures:

01 | Aquarium of the Sea World (Water World Kelaniya)

A privileged location that includes a giant aquarium, an underwater glass tunnel, and a tropical bird garden, half an hour from the center of Colombo.
Address: 95, Biyagama Road, Thalwatta, Kelaniya
Reception hours: 9:30 – 17:30

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02 |Sea Turtle Reserve {Silver Green}

A unique reserve in Habaraduwa, in which turtles are raised from the stage of eggs to adulthood and then released to the sea. See the turtles in their natural environment and learn about their breeding stages and their lifestyle.
Address: Silver Green, Habaraduwa, Matara Road
Reception hours: 7: 3018: 00

03 | Elephant Orphanage (Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage)

Do not miss a tour of the place where orphan elephants are protected, taken care of, and then released to mother nature. Enjoy watching groups of elephants bathing and roaming as you can feed the little ones and spend a very enjoyable time near them.
Address: Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage, Pinnawaka
Reception hours: 8: 3018: 00, Monday to Friday

04 | Yala Nature Reserve (Yala)

Enjoy one of the most beautiful safaris that combines jeep driving with watching elephants and deer and a unique group of birds, monkeys and amphibians, an amazing experience accompanied by a qualified guide.
Address: 260 km southeast of Colombo, Entrance 1: Katagamuwa, Entrance 2: Palatupana, Entrance 3 and 4: Galge
Reception hours: 6: 0018: 00, between June and September

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