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Tuesday February 23, 2021

Spotify gears up to launch Spotify HiFi later this year

Spotify has announced its plans to launch the premium streaming service Spotify HiFi later this year, which allows users to stream music tracks with the best performance and clarity with a stable connection with the highest quality broadcast.

It provided the “HiFi” feature from some music streaming services during the past period, as it was available until today via both Tidal and Amazon Music, and Spotify has officially confirmed its plans to bring Spotify HiFi service later this year, to support users with a better experience in listening and streaming music from a library Digital music.

The service will provide users with broadcasting at a level that simulates the quality of the audio from CD, while preserving the music format, and enabling Spotify Connect in the speakers for depth and clearer sound.

It is noteworthy that the Spotify HiFi feature will be launched by the company on a large scale during the coming period, but the company has not disclosed the price of the subscription to the service at this time, except that the Amazon Music HD service was provided during 2019 with a monthly subscription of $ 15.


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