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The world of the constellations is a wide world, and this world is based on astronomy, astrology and planets, so that the information of these constellations varies daily according to the influence of the inner and outer planets on it, and constellations are used to predict the future of certain people, by astronomers, astrologers, or others, and the characteristics of these differ The constellations are from person to person according to the movement of those planets affecting them, and some people enjoy reading what interests them about their horoscopes of qualities, daily events, or others.

Among the most important of these constellations: Aquarius, Pisces, Virgo, Sagittarius, Libra, Aries, Cancer, Leo, Taurus, Capricorn, Scorpio and Gemini, and we will only talk about Pisces in this article.


Pisces is the last sign of the twelve celestial signs, and it is also a water sign. Neptune and Jupiter are considered among the most important planets affecting it, and the date of Pisces is from February 20 to March 20, and among the most important constellations that this sign corresponds to: Cancer, Scorpio, and Virgo. As for the signs that are not compatible with them, they are: Gemini, Aries, and Leo, and among the most important characteristics of Pisces: the tendency to imagination at times, good-heartedness, kindness, and influence on others, and is also characterized by high intuition.

Pisces woman characteristics

  • The Pisces girl is diplomatic, romantic and affectionate, and she is known for her spiritual side.
  • A Pisces girl is charming and romantic.
  • A Pisces girl is a very sensitive girl, so little things can make her happy and vice versa.
  • The Pisces girl cares about those around her, but her personality is a bit mysterious.
  • Her mind is active and thinking all the time.
  • Characterized by passion and love for life, she is always searching for the deep meaning of life.
  • A tender girl who feels and sympathizes with those around her.
  • A Pisces girl can feel depressed and isolated during times of grief, so you may need a little encouragement at this point.
  • One of the downsides to a Pisces girl is that she may evade reality.
  • The Pisces girl lacks leadership at work.

Pisces man specifications

  • The Pisces man has the ability to listen to others and their sorrows and concerns.
  • Adhering to his dreams greatly, and not giving up on them under any circumstances.
  • The Pisces man feels self-confident through love relationships, and if his relationship fails, he seeks out another immediately.
  • The ability to keep a secret, but he may spontaneously reveal some secrets due to his gossip.
  • The Pisces man is somewhat curious, but his curiosity is devoid of any negative aspects; Like trying to sue others.
  • The Pisces man is very sensitive and shy, and can be easily hurt.

The most important famous people of Pisces

Handel, Elizabeth Taylor, Cindy Crawford, Kurt Cobain, Mikhail Gorbachev, Billy Crystal, Graham Bell, Glenn Close, Michael Caine, Michelangelo, George Washington, Sidney Poitier.

Pisces specification

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