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Thursday November 26, 2020

Specifications and prices of the Revian Electric R1T and R1S …

Rivian has officially revealed specifications and prices for its electric models, the R1T K pickup truck and the R1S allwheel drive.

The R1T pickup truck will be the first model to leave the company in June 2021, and the R1S version will arrive in August of next year.

Moving to adjustable vehicles, the entrylevel R1T Explore truck model starts at $ 67,500.

The truck comes standard with 21inch wheels, and customers can also choose 20 and 22inch wheels with a variety of different tires.

There are two standard paint options, plus seven optional colors that sell for $ 1,500 or $ 2,500.

Revian R1T and R1S

Speaking of the exterior, customers can order an OffRoad upgrade package that costs $ 2,000. It adds skid plates, front tow hooks and an air compressor.

There’s also a $ 5,000 kitchen with sink, stove, and water tank.

In the cabin there are heated vegan leather seats with highperformance threading. Buyers will also find matte black accents, and floor mats in recycled fabric.

Revian R1T and R1S

The R1T Adventure truck is more luxurious and starts at $ 75,000.

The truck is based on the Explore Edition by adding a trunk lid and making the OffRoad Upgrade package standard.

Even bigger changes happen inside, with perforated vegan leather seats with heating and ventilation.

Other special touches include natural ash trim, yellow accents, microfiber front liner and Chilewich floor mats.

Revian R1S

Deliveries are scheduled to begin in January of 2022. Both versions will contain a large battery pack that promises to deliver more than 300 miles (483 km) of range.

If that wasn’t enough, customers can opt for the socalled Max Battery, which costs $ 10,000 and increases the range to more than 400 miles (644 km).

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The R1S is largely identical, but it avoids the Max battery pack and provides seats for up to seven people.

The SUV also costs a little more, as the variant Explore retails for $ 70,000 while the Adventure costs $ 77,500.

Revian R1T

According to Rivian’s founder and CEO, his company will pursue its first two producers (fullsize SUVs and pickups) in smaller models targeting the Chinese and European markets.

“These smaller electric vehicles, which will still share key components with pickups and SUVs, will suit some of those other markets well, particularly China,” he said.

Revian R1T

The company’s first plant in Normal Illinois has already begun trial production before the debut next year.

It will include the R1T pickup truck, the R1S SUV and a large electric delivery van for Amazon, the latter built on foundations like pickups and SUVs.

Revian R1T

By the time Rivian comes out with smaller models, the electric vehicle market will already be extremely crowded thanks to the likes of Tesla, General Motors and Ford.

In addition to many German brands and many emerging EV companies. Fortunately, there is room for everyone.

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