Special Education

Also called special needs education, it is the education of children who differ socially, mentally or physically, or who require special care compared to normal students, where special education serves children who suffer from cognitive, emotional and behavioral imbalances, or who suffer from intellectual disabilities, Hearing, visual, speech, and learning disabilities. This specialization also serves children gifted with advanced academic abilities, and children with neurological and orthopedic disorders.[١]

Special Education Categories

Several categories are taught in the specialization of special education, and they are as follows:[٢]

  • Physical disability: It includes autism, blindness, deafness, hearing impairment, health defect, weak bones, brain injuries, and visual problems.
  • Communication disorders: These include verbal expression, fluency, eloquence, language, and sounds.
  • Learning Disabilities: These include intellectual disability and special learning difficulties.

Educational services

The type of educational services that are provided in special education depends on the educational situation of the student, and on personal and individual needs. Students with disabilities are taught in an environment that is suitable for them and is not restricted, where a variety of educational services are available for people with special needs, including full participation in classrooms for general education, and additional aid and support is provided, as determined by the case study committee in the school that includes parents, and these educational services may include counseling provided by a special education specialist to the teacher, and cooperative education that takes place through partnership between teachers Special education and general teachers, as well as providing instructions, lessons, and instructions in the special education room for part of the school day or the whole day.[٢]

The goal of special education

There are several goals for specializing in special education or general education, including the following:[٣]

  • The optimal development of the student until he becomes a skilled person with a goal, capable of planning, and managing his own life.
  • The student’s access to the highest potential as an individual or a member of society.
  • Special education has developed as a highly specialized field of education that is able to provide children with exceptional opportunities just as other students have for a meaningful and fulfilling life.

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Special Education

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