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Friday May 29, 2020

Spanish novels and books that take place in Spain and make you want to travel to it

Here are some novels and books that take you to Spain, to its plains, fields, villages and history … as you rest on your sofa in comfort!

Don Quixote de la Mancha

Don Quijote de la Mancha is a novel by Spanish writer Miguel de Cervantes Sapedra, published in two parts between 1605 and 1615.

The novel revolves around the character of Alonso Quijano, a fiftyyearold gentleman who resides in a village in La Mancha province, and was so fond of reading equestrian and gallantry books that he believed everything he wrote despite her unrealistic events. Alonso lost his mind from a lack of sleep and food and a lot of reading and decided to leave his house, customs and traditions and stir up a flight as a gentleman looking for an adventure waiting for him, so he wandered through the country carrying an old shield and worn a helmet with his weak horse Rossinanti until he became the title of Don Quixote de la Mancha, described as Sad Shadow Knight.

Cervantes has described “La Mancha” and windmills, some of which are still standing to this day there, in his novel, and translator John Ormsby believes that Cervantes chose it because it was the most usual, loose and antiromantic place, and therefore it is unlikely that a romantic gentleman would emerge from it, which makes Quixote seems more ridiculous. However, due to the fame of the character of Cervantes, the name La Mancha has become associated all over the world with romantic chivalry. It is also mentioned that several film releases of Don Quixote were filmed in La Mancha.

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Baztán Trilogy

In the Baztán trilogy of Spanish writer Dolores Redondo we follow Inspector Amaia Salazar, a married woman with a mentally ill mother, who may already be a witch, who has been called back to the village where she grew up to investigate the murder of a teenage girl. Redondo evokes the gloomy and smiling beauty of the Baztan Valley, a northeastern corner of Spain linked to legends, magic tales and strange novels. The tourist infrastructure in the Baztan Valley consists of cottages, which are located amid scenic landscapes where green spaces are within sight and the abundance of water and the spread of beautiful quiet villages.

In Diamond Square

It is a novel written by the Catalan writer Mercy Rodorida in 1962, and considered one of Gabriel García Marche’s favorite books, and it is also the most successful novel written in the Catalan language. Mercè Rodoreda describes the struggles of Natalia, known as La Colometa, a young workingclass woman, during and after the Civil War, although none of the historical events are specifically named. The book is named after a square in the Gracia District of Barcelona.


Or “Patria”, originally, is a novel by Spanish writer Fernando Aramburo where the story takes place in the Basque Country with the end of ETA terrorism, specifically in a fictitious village near San Sebastian, which is the story of two families, but two women: one son is serving a long prison sentence for the murder he committed With her as a member of the Basque terrorist group ETA, the other was her husband killed by the group. It is the story of personal and tribal loyalty, state and Eta repression.

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A short story collection released in 1988 by Basque writer Bernardo Atchaja, and the book won the National Novel Prize. The author describes the idea behind Obaba and says: It is an interior view. You don’t remember all the places of the past, but what gets stuck in memory is that window, that stone, that bridge. Obaba is my country of the past, a mixture of real and emotional. ”

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