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Thursday January 14, 2021

Sony pushes its new VisionS electric model via …

Last year, Sony confirmed that the prototype of its new electric car, the VisionS, would be one of the biggest surprises at CES.

It was only a concept for the company, and that it did not intend to mass produce that car, but it became a reality at the beginning of this year, specifically during its participation in CES this week.

Sony has already blown it up, confirming that it completed the first true test of the VisionS electric car, last December, as well as continuing its development.

And the Japanese group Sony announced in July of last year that it would start the first road trials of a prototype at the end of the year.

Sony Vision  S.

The VisionS has been highlighted in a series of new videos released by Sony, two of which show the car driving on a private track and public roads within Austria.

Sony Vision  S.

The footage, along with some additional details that Sony broadcast on the website, reveals the unexpected development that Sony and its many partners have made to introduce a new electric vehicle that will compete strongly in the global market.

Sony Vision  S.

The first of these developments includes the sensors, which Sony confirms has increased their number to about 40 sensors, and now allows a 360degree viewing angle, and is among the many other capabilities that these sensors provide to the car.

Sony Vision  S.

In addition, the central infotainment screen features a unique interface, provided with a series of tiles closer to the applications than the traditional menus and submenus found in cars.

Sony Vision  S.

Sony also filters several other features under development, such as gesture control, voice assistant and passenger entertainment systems, overtheair updates, and a passenger monitor camera.

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Sony Vision  S.

As for that camera, it appears to be complex, distinctive, and surprisingly advanced technologies, for example it can be used to identify the passenger’s condition, and if it is discovered that he is sleeping, the car will automatically adapt the climate control system in the seat to provide a more comfortable environment.

Sony Vision  S.

According to the Japanese electronic giant Sony, the entire system is constantly evolving through repeated use, and the actual driving data and preferences are taken into account to make the car as comfortable as possible with frequent use.

Sony is using the VisionS as a test bed and a showcase for its automotive technologies, however, given the rapid developments in the automotive industry these days with the shift to electricity, one cannot completely exclude the possibility of the Japanese giant launching the car.

For now, it looks like Sony will continue developing the car further and is planning to conduct test drives in other areas from now on.

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