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Saturday August 15, 2020

Sony PS5 console struggles while playing 4K gaming content (rumors)

Some news reports circulated today about some rumors about the upcoming Sony PS5 game console, whose specifications came on paper with hardware that provides an unusual experience for the user, but what is circulating now hits one of the unit’s most important capabilities, which is 4K display technology.

It was claimed by the writer and YouTuber AestheticGamer On his Twitter account, a number of game developers have informed him of the PS5’s limitations and sufferings while playing games that support the 4K HD display, as he added, “Stay tuned for watching a lot of fake 4K games.”

Pointing out that the Microsoft Xbox X console series does not suffer from the same problem, according to its sources. Game industry reporter Jeff Grubb has also spoken of allegations hitting the PS5’s capabilities in the 4K gaming arena, stating that the hardware’s internal architecture may pose a hindrance to game developers in the long run.

He detailed that the problem may stem from Sony’s use of AMD SmartShift technology, which causes concern to some due to the power transfer process that takes place between the CPU and the GPU, as this process is new to developers and was not there before.

However, the hugely popular PS5 gaming console is expected to arrive in the next few months – the holiday period! In a year filled with accidental disruption due to Korna _ then the experience will be the best proof and refutation of all the allegations.

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