Inventions and discoveries

There is no doubt that man is the only creature that God Almighty has distinguished with reason, thinking and the ability to distinguish between right and wrong. Man has used this mind and exploited it to achieve his desires and invent everything that facilitates his life, and there are many major inventions and discoveries that have contributed to achieving well-being. and facilitating the ways of living for humans, and we will discuss some of these inventions in our article.

The most important inventions that contributed to the progress of mankind


the electric lightbulb

It was invented by the world Thomas Edison, a device that converts electrical energy into light, and is currently used in every place and time and is irreplaceable.

Cars or vehicles

the phone



The computer has evolved since its invention until it has reached us now in a simple modern form.

Lace toilet paper video

Can you imagine what our life would be like without the “clouds”? Or without “toilet paper”? Watch the video to learn about many simple and indispensable inventions:

Some of the inventions that contributed to the progress of mankind

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