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Thursday January 16, 2020

Solve the problem that the iPhone camera stops working

Solve the problem that the iPhone camera stops working 1

The camera app is one of the most used applications on all smartphones, especially in the iPhone, but iPhone users have encountered troublesome problems such as the device’s camera stopping from working or the appearance of a black screen when opening the camera or slow and the camera freezes or the application stops working when moving From the front and back camera and flash problems, these problems appeared in many versions from the beginning of the 3GS to 7 Plus, but they appear a lot in the iPhone 6 and 7 Plus devices, so if you are facing this problem, learn about some of the ways to fix this problem in the next step.

Solve the problem that the iPhone’s camera stops working and a black screen appears

Solve the problem that the iPhone camera stops working 2

If you are facing a problem with the camera application stopping or a black screen appearing when you open the camera continuously, as in the previous image, we will offer you today 5 easy and quick steps to remedy this problem as follows:

1) Determine the cause of the problem

The first thing that you should do when facing this problem is to scan the device and search to make sure whether this problem is in the software system or in the hardware itself, by doing some simple experiments such as trying to call a video with anyone or using any video chat application and performing Video Chatting, and make sure the front and back camera work. If the cameras are working normally, do not worry, we have identified that the problem is now in the system and not in the hardware device, and it can be solved easily in the next steps, but if this problem appears again during this conversation , This means that you are facing a technical problem in Device, communicate immediately with the technical support center for Apple Apple or any branch authorized service company.

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2) Close the camera app

Solve the problem that the iPhone camera stops working 3

If the camera shows you a closed lens image or a black screen, then forcefully close the camera app, press the Home button twice quickly and the recently used apps will appear to you as in the previous image, search for the camera application and then close it, and it is best to close all other applications to provide Some speed for the device.

3) Reset work for iPhone

Solve the problem that the iPhone camera stops working 4

The easiest way to fix this problem is by reformatting the device or making a Reset and returning it to the old defaults by applying the Settings, follow this path Settings> General> Reset> Reset All Settings, and the default device settings will return as they were, and after completion Opening and trying the camera with a large percentage will succeed in this step in fixing the problem, but if the problem still exists, continue with the following steps.

4) Restart the Restart device

Solve the problem that the iPhone camera stops working 5

It is a quick step to calm the device and return to its normal position, which is by pressing the Home button and the Power button at the same time and wait for the Apple logo to appear and then leave the buttons you press at the same time, and the device will restart automatically and after restart try Open the camera again, and this method will not affect the data and contents of the phone so do not worry.

5) The device is completely reformatted

The last step with us to solve this problem is to completely reformat the device and it is similar to the factory setting in Android devices, so make sure to save a copy of the entire contents and data of the device on an external device because the device will be completely erased and returned new as it was, or make a new Backup instead of the old Which could be the cause of this problem in the camera, and you can learn how Backup for iPhone works from here:

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Solve the problem that the iPhone camera stops working 6

Now to reset the device, follow this path Settings> General> Reset> Erase All Content and Settings.

Solve the problem that the iPhone camera stops working 7

After performing the previous step, it will return again as it was, and a welcome window will open for you that displays new settings for the iPhone or restore backup, choose the first setting as shown in the picture and then follow the rest of the steps as you did previously, and inevitably when you finish you will find that the camera problem has been solved permanently.

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