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Sunday February 28, 2021

Solutions to common Telegram problems: Can’t get notifications, or can’t call a number in Contacts?

If you are looking for solutions to common Telegram problems such as not being able to access some contacts, text messages not logging into the application, or perhaps application notifications not reaching your phone, this means that you have come to the right place to find solutions.

Solutions to common Telegram problems

Messages arrive for login

If you are having problems registering or logging in, you must make sure that your number is entered correctly in the international code, as you write your country code, then your city code, or the code of your telecommunications provider, then your number, and if the problem continues to arrive in messages you can send To support Telegram via This form.

Access the Telegram login code to register on another device

If you use the Telegram application on another device, you can receive the login code via Telegram instead of the SMS. Just check Telegram through one of your devices while registering on another device, and you will find the code and you will receive it in the conversation of the authenticated Telegram account with a blue signal.

The passcode between Telegram and SMS messages

careful Telegram application It is necessary not to consider receiving login codes via Telegram as a substitute for using an active phone number, and to ask to make sure each time that Telegram is linked to the active phone number, because losing this link means the risk of losing access to your account forever, which is one of the most common problems of Telegram.

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Access to contacts

If you cannot access the contacts or they appear as numbers rather than names, you might want to make sure that you are using the most recent version of the app, and then reopen it (by closing it from the app list and opening it again).

And if the two methods do not work, then you may have to change the contact’s name temporarily in the Contacts program (add some icons, then delete them after that), and finally, you may be able to log out of the application (Settings> Edit> Logout), then re-log in as a solution ( But logging out will end all your confidential conversations.)

Delete contacts

Solutions to common Telegram problems: How to delete contacts – iStock

If you encounter a problem when deleting contacts, all you have to do is open the conversation with that person, click on their profile picture at the top of the chat screen, then click on the dots in the upper corner> “Delete”.

If you want to completely delete a specific contact, you must delete it from your phone contacts, because Telegram will re-sync its list with your contact list and add it again.

Send messages to non-contacts

If you communicate randomly with people you do not know and send annoying messages to them, you may lose the ability to do so in the future, as Telegram limits the opportunity for a person to communicate with people who are not registered in the contacts, in the event of previous notification from people on your number that they received unwanted messages From your account.

Notifications access problems

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If you experience problems getting notifications, you can adjust them in the settings.

  • Head to Telegram Settings> Notifications and Sounds, and make sure that notifications are on.
  • Ensure that notifications are enabled in the phone settings.
  • Close Telegram, then head to phone settings, turn off Telegram alert pattern, re-open the application and restore alert pattern to logos.
  • Check whether the person or group conversation is muted.
  • With Android phones, make sure that Google Play Services Installed on your phone with Android phones, and if your phone uses a battery saving application, you must make sure that Telegram is included in the whitelist for that program.
  • For Huawei and Xiaomi phones, you may need more detailed settings to show notifications. On Huawei: Phone Manager app> Protected apps> Add Telegram to the list, and from Xiaomi: Services> Security> Permissions> Autoplay, find Telegram and enable Autoplay.

Use your camera or microphone in the background

Telegram can use the microphone in the background if you minimize the app while making a call, recording a video clip, or recording an audio / video message.

Also, on Samsung and Xiaomi devices, permission-monitoring applications may unintentionally include Telegram in the list of applications that request access to your camera in the background, when the application requests information about the camera without using it.

Generally, Telegram asks for camera information when you press the attach button or start shooting a video clip or a video message. If you do this and then quickly close the application, the request may be considered an attempt by Telegram to access the camera in the background. According to Telegram, the aim of these requests is only the camera information, without the application using the camera in the background.

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