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Thursday February 13, 2020

Snapchat tests an all-new design from five sections

Snapchat has started testing two new designs for application on Android and iOS, one of which is expected to adopt this year.

The first design introduces a new interface for Snap Map and original videos of Snapchat, and the second test is for breaking news that appears within the application as it displays quick news summaries at certain times in order to support the exploration section.

With this new design, the application will be made up of five sections instead of three with the ability to move between them by clicking on them instead of scrolling.

The first section is Snap Map, which displays an interactive map of your friends ’locations.

The second is to chat with your friends, and the third is the main camera interface.

The fourth is the Discover section, but it turns its name into Community and displays content from your friends, followers, and suggestions.

Finally, the fifth section includes the original content of Snape from programs and videos.

This new design shows some sections merged together to display in a separate tab to give it more importance.

The current design of Snapchat dates back to three years ago, when it was a fundamental change from the usual design before it, which led to the loss of 2% of its users permanently. Will Snap users lose more users in their new design?

It is noteworthy that Snapchat got 8 million daily active users according to the last quarter of last year, bringing the number of active daily users to 218 million.

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