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Tuesday November 24, 2020

Snapchat launches its Spotlight division to rival TikTok

After everyone wanted to compete with Snapchat before, now the application of TikTok is in the target position, and everyone wants to compete with it. Snapchat launched a new section called Spotlight that aims to rival TikTok as Instagram did.

Snapchat will pay $ 1 million per day from today until the end of the year for users who publish the best and most popular videos within the feature, as an encouragement to start using this section.

The Spotlight feature plays back short videos shot vertically, and you can move between clips by swiping up and down. Snapchat’s algorithm suggests which clips should appear in your video stream, or you can choose specific topics to be linked to.

What distinguishes Spotlight is that it does not contain the comments feature, and many of the featured clips in it will not show the name of their owner unless the user has a public profile available to all users.

And it is still unclear to users the monetization mechanism for them. The rewards are based on the number of unique views their clips generate daily.

Of course, in the future, ads will reach the Spotlight section, and this creates an additional source of income for the owners of the clips.

As usual, the beginning of the availability of the Spotlight section will be limited in a number of European countries in addition to the United States, and will be available in more countries later.



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