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Saturday November 21, 2020

Snap to acquire “Voisey” entertainment music app

The entertainment music app has been acquired by Snapchat Voisey Which provides clips and music tracks that are integrated in the background of video recordings to be shared among users in a manner similar to Tik Tok; But with distinctive customizations and audio filters.

Voisey is a UK-based startup with a $ 1.8 million investment from PitchBook Data to date; Its app ranked 143rd in the list of iOS music apps in the USA.

The takeover deal was first reported in a report Business Insider Who indicated that the company’s address in the British capital, London, had been changed to the address of Snap, there; This is in addition to the resignation of the company’s founders and shareholders from its management on October 21, and new officials from Snap have been appointed to succeed them.

The American company declined to comment on the report. Voisey has not disclosed any information about the sale; As for the matter that concerns Snapchat users, it is how the platform exploits the British application and its features in light of its strong endeavor to maintain its audience.

Perhaps you may resort to partially merging some of its musical and audio features, providing a new music audio service, or reconfiguring it as a separate product that works but integrated with the Snapchat application, or both applications are fully integrated with each other!

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