Although Slovenia is one of the smallest European countries in terms of area, it is one of the richest in tourism.
It includes wonderful landmarks worth tourism and exploration … and most importantly, Slovenia suits all tastes
Siyahia is a fan of history, monuments, natural monuments, arts, food, and others, as it suits various
Budgets at the same time!
If you decide to tourism in Slovenia, you are in the right place, where we will present to you what you want to know about this country
The glamor that will surely charm you and create memories that you will never forget in its surroundings. Follow us on the details of this trip
An overview of Slovenia
Slovenia is located in central Europe, where it is bordered by Italy to the west, Austria to the north, and Hungary to the east.
And Croatia is in the southwest with a small but wonderful coast on the Adriatic Sea. The area of ​​Slovenia is 20
One thousand and 273 square kilometers with a population of about two million, which makes it one of the smallest countries in the Union
European. Despite this, Slovenia is one of the most naturally diverse European countries, as it includes, for example, peaks.
Amazing mountains in the north and west and wonderful sea areas in the south.
When is the best time to visit Slovenia?
In fact, any time of the year is perfect for visiting Slovenia! Therefore the best time to visit this country varies
According to what you want to see and experience in it. If you are a fan of skiing or a professional of this sport, there is no doubt that the season
The expected but is the ski season between December and March in the northwestern part of the country, which includes Slovenia
Great winter resorts. Between May and September, it is a favorite time for lovers of outdoor adventures such as climbing
Mountain biking, rafting and more… As for the sea lovers, they will wait for the summer season to discover
The beautiful beaches of the Adriatic Sea in Slovenia, while both autumn and spring enchant visitors with natural colors.
Picturesque. It should be noted that a visit to the capital, Ljubljana, can be enjoyed throughout the year.
The best tourist activities in Slovenia
Visitors will not find free time during their visit to Slovenia, in which region you will be in front of an integrated tourist world
And the various elements …
The capital, Ljubljana

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Ljubljana is one of the most ancient European cities, and walking in its streets provides a pleasure in itself. It is the most prominent feature
Touristyah, the palace that bears the name of the city and can be accessed either by road or by electric cable, where you will get
On the most beautiful view in the capital, especially during sunset. In the middle of the old city, be prepared
Full of colors, as it is a must for Gornji Trg for a trip in the folds of history as the present, especially in Street
Visiting Tivoli Gardens, which is the largest natural park in the capital. As for the Ljubljana Central Market, it awaits you
Fresh local produce and lots of souvenir ideas you want to buy.
Bled Lake Bled

Many agree that this lake is an essential destination during a visit to Slovenia, as it is located within the Alps
And it looks as if it is emerging from a fairytale. As it is surrounded by ancient palaces, along with snowcovered mountains
And dense forests … and among the most prominent features surrounding the lake is Qasr Bleid, Bilid Island, as well as uniting many of the
Resorts and hotels near the lake.


If you want to have a wonderful vacation filled by the sea, then Biran is your desired destination as it is located by the sea
Adriatic. Biran is famous for its ancient Gothic houses and walls that guard the city though
From its small area, there is a lot to discover, especially in the old part of the town besides the squares.
Beautiful and ancient cathedrals. Do not forget to eat delicious seafood at one of the many restaurants spread across the globe
Caves in Slovenia

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Slovenia is characterized by an extensive system of caves that make it one of the most famous in the world. We advise you to visit the caves in
That provides the 20 Postojna habitat of the world’s largest underground valley, along with the Skocjan Caves
Kilometers of corridors, galleries and rooms.
Food during a trip to Slovenia
Experts consider that the Slovenian cuisine arose as a result of cultural influences from neighboring countries such as Hungary, Austria and the Balkan countries.
Even from Italy, that is why you will find that food in Slovenia is full of rich flavors, knowing that many dishes
Here it contains the meat. If you are a vegetarian, then there are other options such as salads and cheese pies that are popular in
Country …
Important travel advice about Slovenia
– The Slovenian language is the official language in the country, but visitors should not worry as most of the
He knows and speaks the English language fluently and is happy to demonstrate his skill in mastering it.
– The country’s currency is the euro, and there is no problem in finding cashiers or ATMs, especially in the capital.
Use credit cards at most stores.
In addition, Slovenia is ranked among the 10 safest countries in the world. Visitors are required to practice measures
The usual not to be stolen or lost their belongings.
It is possible to move around the capital and its streets easily on foot, but if you want to move to a remote area, then there is
Several options for transportation, including taxis, trains, or even you can rent a car.

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