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Thursday April 2, 2020

Slack adds the option for video calls via Microsoft Teams and enables Zoom calls

Microsoft Teams video calling feature becomes available to connect to Slack as well as making phone calls from Zoom service available.


With the increase in the percentage of remote work from home under the global pandemic conditions of Corona, the pressure on business and calling platforms has increased tremendously, including the Slack platform, which is considered one of the elite business and business organization platforms in the world. The platform continues to provide the best services to its users at the present time with the increasing need for voice and video calls.

As Slack users can now take advantage of video call services through Microsoft Teams by going directly to the “productivity apps” option and choosing Microsoft service in order to link the two services and complete the process, so that they can make calls easily via the platform through Microsoft service.

The new update also added a feature that enables users to see people attending meetings before they start with Google Calendar and Outlook.S

It is worth noting that full video calls are not made via Slack. If you want to make calls, the service will take you to the Teams page.

On the same side, users can make phone and voice calls within the same Slack page, when connecting services like Zoom, Jabber, WebEx, RingCentral, and Dialpad. And they are not possible with the feature of video calls via Microsoft service.

Please note that the process for linking external services to Slack may sometimes require special subscriptions from those services.

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