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Saturday April 4, 2020

Skype launches “Meet Now” feature to make free video calls without registration

The “Meet Now” feature of Skype enables users to make video calls without the need to register on the platform or install any application.

Microsoft announced that the famous Skype chat service, which is one of the first services in the field and acquired it years ago, will start offering the feature of individual and group video calls to users for free and without the need to register in the platform or install any application on the desktop or smart phones, and launched it The name “Meet Now”.

New feature work opens this siteThen, you can click Create Free Interview, after which you can invite friends via the visible link to join the conversation or interview without the need to log in or install Skype applications on any device through the browser. But if the user invited to the conversation already has an account for the service and has the application on his device, the conversation will be opened through the application automatically, unless the user stops that.

This feature appears suitable for homeowners and business owners because of the widespread global epidemic of Corona.

It is also useful at the same time for ordinary friends and family to spend quality time in a group video chat with high quality.

It appears to be a feature of Skype to provide some rival to the Zoom service and may take advantage of the latest security problems to lure users to the platform again.



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