Signs of personal weakness

Among the inorganic diseases, weak personality, and it is one of the diseases that spread among the youth group significantly, and it has clear signs that indicate it, and the most important of these signs is the lack of independence in all cases and actions, and the emergence of such cases is due to a combination of environmental, family and personal factors, and over the years Throughout, which led to the existence of accumulations that made individuals weak in personality, and in such cases, work must be done to treat such problems, by going to personal development centers, and human development in general, to get rid of this problem radically.

Signs of personal weakness

There are signs that there is a weak and shaky personality that needs help to advance it and put it in a state of permanent equilibrium. These signs include:

  • Lack of control over feelings, and the pursuit of any emotion that appears in a person, whether negative or positive, without expecting the consequences of being drawn to different emotions.
  • The inability to solve private problems, constant complaining about them, and resorting to unreliable people to solve their problems.
  • Inability to make critical decisions, and dependency in thoughts and actions, even in personal matters.
  • Intense fear of surrounding people, of family, relatives, or friends.
  • Shyness of others, to the extent that the individual is unable to look into the eyes of others, regardless of the type of speech.
  • Hiding all kinds of feelings one feels, and not being able to show them, or express them to the right people.
  • Enjoying excessive humility and in situations that do not require humility, based on the misconception of the principle of altruism, which turns humility into a severe humiliation and insult.
  • Implementation of the weak personality for any request requested of him, even if at his personal expense.
  • Keeping pace with others even in negative situations, and thus the weak personality puts himself in many problems that have no solutions.
  • Not expressing an opinion, and point of view, in private or public councils, and considering this characteristic a kind of respect for customs and traditions, which transcend the individual and society.
  • Excessive concern for the feelings of others, fear of upsetting them, or causing trouble to them.
  • Weakness of will to do a lot of work, and to rely on someone to help him in this regard.
  • Extreme silence often, and the tendency to remain silent when speaking with a weak personality.
  • Weak tone of voice, and frequent escape from important and fateful dialogues.
  • The deep belief that the weakness of the personality with all its qualities is a type of method that makes the environment respect and love you, and describe you with kindness and gentleness.

Signs of personality weakness

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