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Friday May 22, 2020

Signs of partial success of vaccine against corona after its trial in humans

A study published Friday showed that a possible vaccine to treat Corona virus showed at least partial efficacy in human tests.
According to a study by Beijing Institute of Biotechnology, in “The Lancet” medical journal, active substance “AD5N Cove” has proven to be safe and well tolerated in socalled firststage experience.

The authors of study wrote that article “AD5, which targets vaccine against corona, has tolerance and immunity for 28 days after vaccination.”

The study showed an immune response against virus in human body. It is harmful to do furr tests to see if this reaction will also prevent infection with virus.

“These results represent an important stage,” said Professor Wei Chen, in charge of study in Beijing.

Wei Chen said that a single dose of AD5 in cove was sufficient to produce neutral and specific antibiotics for virus and equaled reaction of defensive cells of T cells in test within 14 days.

However, he recommended that matter should be interpreted “with caution”.

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