Signs of death throes

The death of a person means that the entire body systems stop working and the soul withdraws from this body, so this body turns into a lifeless corpse that hardens little by little. Dying is the moments that precede death and there are signs that appear on the person and signs that those sitting around him do not see, but see them alone.

Signs of the presence of death

  • The dying person sees the angel of death standing in front of him, and if he is of the people of faith, he sees this angel in the best way, as he sees the angels carrying shrouds from heaven, so the angel of death approaches him and sits at his head and says to him: O So-and-so, I rejoice in the approval of God upon you, so he sees his position in heaven, so he says The angel of death addresses the dying soul: O good soul, come out to God’s forgiveness and contentment. But if the dying person is one of the people of misery, then he sees the angel of death in a terrifying and frightening way and he sees angels around him carrying shrouds of fire, so the angel of death approaches him and sits on top of his head and announces to him the wrath of God, so he sees his position in the fire, and says the angel of death, addressing his soul: Come out, you evil spirit, with the wrath of God. And his anger.
  • The dying person collapses upon seeing the angel of death and loses consciousness and surrenders to certainty. He gets nauseated and cannot speak. He hears and cannot speak. He sees and cannot express what he sees as the organs of his body begin to stop working.
  • He gets irregularities in his heart and irregular beats, so he wakes up sometimes and sometimes goes into a coma.
  • His eyes are fixed on the sky, and his eyes start to stop and stand still.
  • His body begins to cool down, then his feet first cool down, then the rest of the body.
  • His lower jaw is slack due to the relaxation of the facial muscles.
  • His right leg wraps over his left leg.
  • His body begins to stiffen little by little until it turns into a lifeless corpse.

Signs of a good conclusion

  • The dying person uttered the words, “There is no god but God,” and this will be his last words in this world.
  • On the authority of Abdullah bin Omar, may God be pleased with them both, he said: The Messenger of God, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, said: “There is no Muslim who dies on Friday or the night of Friday but that God will protect him from the trial of the grave.”
  • A smile appeared on his face.
  • index finger high.
  • The radiance of his face for his joy at what he heard from the Angel of Death when he knew his place in Heaven.

Steps after death

  • We close his eyes and close them.
  • We raise the lower jaw to ride on the upper jaw and close its mouth.
  • We move his hands and feet to lubricate his joints to facilitate washing and shrouding him.
  • Cover his body with a light cloth until burial, and it is preferable to bury him quickly.
  • Hastening to pay off his debts. On the authority of Abu Hurairah, may God be pleased with him, on the authority of the Prophet, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, he said: “The soul of a believer is attached to his debt until it is paid on his behalf.”

Signs of death throes

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