The Messenger of God, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, said: (God is beautiful and loves beauty). Beauty is an attribute of goodness and adornment that is noticed in things, and that gives joy and pleasure in the soul. Judging something as ugliness or beauty stems from the subjective feeling of the individual and intellectual and psychological factors; Therefore, the standard of beauty differs from one person to another, and all ancient human civilizations had their own standards of beauty.

Among these civilizations is the Arab civilization, where the Arabs had ranks of beauty, especially for women, as they allotted each feature of beauty to have a word that indicates it, and these standards and ranks change with the development of times and do not remain as they are.

Arab beauty signs

  • A moderate face that is not round or long.
  • A mole or a mole of the appropriate size, which is in the cheek area, above or below the lips, or on the chin.
  • Naturally drawn wide eyebrows.
  • Long and thick eyelashes.
  • Dimples of the cheeks.
  • middle ear.
  • small mouth.
  • A prominent upper lip that is shaped like a heart, and is naturally defined around it.
  • The wide black eyes, which resemble the eyes of an oryx.
  • Long, fluffy hair.
  • Medium sized nose.
  • The long thin delicacy.
  • Long leg clipped from the bottom.
  • The fingers of the hands are long and thin.
  • Arched nails.
  • The color of the face is different from the color of the hands.
  • Rolled middle.
  • Small thin shoulders.
  • Refined stature.
  • Intelligence and intensity of observation.
  • Pure white matrix teeth.
  • Shame and modesty.
  • Medium chubby body.

for the man

  • Length.
  • Broad shoulders.
  • Wide broad chest.
  • Brown or wheatish skin color.
  • The neck is broad and medium in shape.
  • Chunky lips.
  • Proper shape mole pill.
  • Thinning hair between the eyebrows.
  • Thick and long eyelashes.
  • Dimples in the lower half of the chin.
  • The ear is small in size.
  • Jealous.
  • Thick, fine or medium fine hair.
  • Physical and personal strength.

Signs of women’s beauty in some peoples

Western European countries

  • Length.
  • blond hair.
  • Pure brown skin with blond hair.
  • slim body;
  • Full lips.
  • Different eye colors.


  • Women’s thin soft figure.
  • The neck and skin are clear and white.
  • The quiet voice.
  • The little feet.
  • A gentle and close gait.

Eskimos and Native Americans

  • Beautiful scent for mouth, body and hair.


  • Very dark skin.
  • Excess obesity.
  • Baldness.

The tribes of Mongolia and Tibet

  • long neck; From their point of view, the neck of the giraffe is the most beautiful and the best.

South Sudan

  • The mutilated woman with slits in the face, abdomen and hands.


  • Dark eyes.
  • Aromatic smell.

Arab beauty signs

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