Inspirational words about friendship

  • Friendship is a strong relationship between two or more people based on the principle of responsibility and mutual concern.
  • A friendship is just like a glass, if it breaks it can be fixed, but with some cracks that remain forever.
  • It is said that summer friends go as fast as the snow melts in summer, and winter friends remain true friends for a lifetime.
  • Forming relationships, this is your choice, making friends, this is something that is born inside a person, I will choose you to be my friend again despite our long friendship.
  • I don’t want to hurt you, or anyone else again, please forget about me and try to find a better friend for yourself.
  • You have to know people well to make them laugh the most.
  • There is no happiness like the feeling that everyone loves you, and you are an addition that makes them more happy, happy and satisfied.
  • A good writer owns not only his soul, but the souls of his other friends.
  • A close friendship is like good health, you don’t know its value until you lose it.
  • It’s crazy when you need certain times to show your interest in the one you love, true interest doesn’t need certain times to show it, especially by friends.
  • A wise man makes more use of his enemies than his foolish friends.
  • When love strikes someone’s heart like a thunderbolt, it generates a great and unstoppable force, a beautiful, chaotic energy, that forces the person to radiate that feeling to the whole world, and turns one upside down, when the lightning strikes your life, an irreversible change occurs.
  • When you choose your friends, you don’t choose them on a personal level but on the basis of personality and their good qualities.
  • True friends are each other’s treasures, sometimes they know us better than ourselves, they are there to support us, to give us advice, to share our sorrows and joys, their presence reminds us that we are not alone.
  • True friendship is one of the best things that can happen in a person’s life. Both parties give up a lot of things in order to maintain this relationship, and to keep it good forever.
  • When friendship is a real relationship, it is a very strong relationship that cannot be broken.
  • There are some people who would rather die than receive betrayal from those closest to them, because it causes a deep hole that cannot be filled.
  • New friends often have a better time with each other than old friends.
  • A friend is someone who is so similar to you that you wish you were one.
  • Friendship is an innocent, transparent relationship that is indispensable to anyone.

Beautiful words about friendship

  • Friendship is not staying with a friend for a longer time, friendship is staying on the covenant even if the distances are long or short.
  • Blame your friend a secret, and praise him in front of others.
  • If you have friends, then you are rich.
  • Laughter is not a bad start to a friendship, and it is still the best end to it.
  • Comrade before the road.
  • Friendship is the key to fulfillment, its nourishment is hope, and its fruits are happiness.
  • Friendship is a word that carries several meanings, the most beautiful of which is sacrifice for the sake of the other, freedom from introversion, and integration with the other.
  • Friendship is like an umbrella, the more it rains, the more it is needed.
  • There are those whose presence in your life is a milestone, and there are those who are an empty sign, so choose a true friend, and beware of fake friendship.
  • Make every friend think that he is your closest, your favorite, do this without deceit, do it with love.
  • Those who are confident in friendship are not confused by moments of contention, but smile when they part, because they know that they will return soon.

sayings in friendship

  • When something bad happens to a person, enemies tarnish his reputation, while friends bring good news, preserving his reputation.
  • Friendship improves things and makes them happy, and reduces the feeling of misery, by multiplying the happy times and trying to reduce the sad times.
  • There are some who have no friends other than their parents and books that they enjoy in their spare time.
  • No one can live far from his friend to bond with each other.
  • Friendship is based on trust, equality, both parties should share all things.
  • Know that the highest levels of friendship are two: patience with a friend when his nature overpowers him, and he harms you, and then your patience with this patience when you overcome your nature so that you do not offend him.
  • Good accounts make good friends.
  • Friends are transparent spirits with whom we have a strong bond, making their closeness a source of comfort and lasting happiness.
  • Friendship is the highest love in existence. Friendship is a treasure that never ends. It is a symbol of eternity, and pure love without hypocrisy, envy, or jealousy.
  • One flower can be my garden, and one friend can be my world.
  • If my friends decide to jump off the bridge, I will not jump with them, but I will wait for them under the bridge to receive them.
  • Friendship is not the length of years, but the sincerity of situations.

From the poem “Let’s be friends”

  • The poet Nazik Al-Malaika says:

let’s be friends

In the labyrinths of this bleak existence

Where destruction walks and annihilation lives

In the corners of slow nights

Where the terrible voice of the victims

mocking please

let’s be friends

The eyes of the judiciary


stare tired people

In the paths of sorrow and whining

Under the stinging whip of time

let’s be friends,

The hands that knew how to collect blood

It grieves the necks of the innocent and the innocent

You will feel the shivering feeling

Every time you touch a finger or hand

And the eyes that always stared at arrogance

Watch the black procession

The procession of the slaves

These empty eyes

You will feel life

The dull stalemate is back

Behind it a thousand new races

And hearts that heard in recovery

The hungry cries of thirst

You will melt to water the echo of the thirsty

As a cup, let it be filled with whining

let’s be friends

We and the confused

We and the tired unarmed

Those who are called “criminals”

We and the naughty

We are drunk with the wine of prosperity

And those who sleep in the wilderness under the sky

We and the homeless wanderers

We and the screamers are useless

We and the families

We and other nations

In seas of snow

In the land of the Negroes

In deserts and in every land that includes people

Every land cried for our pain

Every land received the coffins of our dreams

The cries of boredom

Victims of fate

let’s be friends

The voice behind the blood

In the veins of those who are led by the cups of hostility

In the veins of those who remain as drunk

They stab the brotherhood

They stab their loved ones with two names

In the veins of lovers..and fugitives

From their loved ones, from the call of nostalgia

in all veins

There is a voice behind all veins

Whispering in the heart of every fouad hufawq

The repulsive brothers gather

It tightens the hearts of the wretched and the laughing

That voice, the voice of brotherhood

Let’s be friends

far home

and overseas

In the deserts, in the poles, in the safe cities

In the inhabited villages

human friends

Where’s the escape?

And they shout in a withered tone

And they die in a lethal unit

Hungry friends, barefoot, naked

They were spoken by the lips of life

They are naughty

Let’s be friends

far away

Short words about friendship