Terrace Company sponsorship of Al-Nasr Club where a deal was concluded between the Saudi Al-Nasr Club and Shurafa Real Estate Company on Saturday evening, February 19, 2022, and it is one of the huge sponsorship contracts. The companies that signed the sponsorship contract for the Saudi Al-Nasr Club.

Terrace Company sponsorship of Al-Nasr Club

Al-Nasr Saudi Club issued an official statement announcing its signing of huge sponsorship contracts, which will contribute to achieving profits of up to 100 million Saudi riyals. Sponsorship of the first football team. President “Musli Al Muammar” signed partnership contracts with Shorfa, in the courtyard of the Marsool Park Stadium, and according to these contracts, Al-Nasr Club will earn 100 million Saudi riyals from three new sponsorship contracts, which include Sharafah Real Estate Companies, Berain Water and Co. Sports development, the team also confirmed that the amount of 100 million riyals does not include the main official victory sponsor.

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Details of Al-Nasr Club signing 3 sponsorship agreements worth 100 million Saudi riyals

On Saturday, February 19, 2022, the management of Al-Nasr Club signed three sponsorship contracts with Al-Shorfa Real Estate Company, Sports Development Company, and Berain Water. Three and a half years, while the sports development contract extends for the next five seasons, and the Perrin water contract will last for one and a half seasons. Al Nasr signed in January 2022, only one deal, when he signed Uruguayan striker Jonathan Rodriguez from Mexico’s Cruz Azul. Al-Nasr Club announced, through its official account on the social networking site “Twitter”, that it had reached an agreement with the “Shorfa” company to sponsor the team. The first team shirt was released, with many other advertising features, and Al-Nasr made it clear that President Musali Al Muammar had signed partnership contracts with “Shorfa”, in the courtyard of Mrsool Park Stadium.

Who are the sponsors of Al-Nasr Saudi Club?

The sponsoring companies for Al-Nasr Club, according to the sponsorship and partnership contract that was signed on Saturday, February 19, 2022, are:

  • Terrace Real Estate Company: Under the contract, you will be the club’s main sponsor for three and a half seasons, starting with the current sports season.
  • Berain Water: Under the contract, you will be the club’s main sponsor for one and a half seasons, starting with the current sports season.
  • Sports Development Company: Under the contract, you will be the club’s main sponsor for the next five seasons, starting with the current sports season.

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Term of the Terrace Company sponsorship contract for Al-Nasr Club

The contract between Shorfa Company and Al-Nasr Sports Club provides for placing the Shorfa logo in the shirt chest area, in addition to many advertising advantages. Al-Nasr Club was represented in the procedures for signing the contract, which took place at the Marsool Park stadium in Riyadh, the head of Al-Nasr Club “Musli Al Muammar, and the Executive Vice President of the company, “Abdul Ilah Al-Zaid.” The partnership and sponsorship contract comes within the club’s management plans to increase the team’s financial income. Under the contract, Sharafah will be the club’s main sponsor for three and a half seasons, starting from the current sports season. The Saudi victory “muslee Al Muammar” through his official account on Twitter:

“We are proud of the partnership with a promising economic entity such as (Shorfa) .. We thank the organizers for their confidence in the popularity of Al-Nasr and the strength of its brand.. I thank the work team that followed up on the details of the partnership, dear: Abdullah Al-Omrani, Ahmed Al-Ghamdi, Muataz Al-Mazrou, Muhammad Al-Abdul Aziz, Abdul-Ilah Al-Qaoud and colleagues in Marketing Management.

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With this information, the article has clarified the details Terrace Company sponsorship of Al-Nasr ClubThe article reviewed the detailed information of the contract concluded between Shorfa Real Estate Company and the Saudi Al-Nasr Football Club.