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Tuesday October 27, 2020

Shocking news for Syrians about the fate of electricity during the winter season

The World – Syria

In an interview with Sham FM radio, the minister stated that citizens have the right to have electricity available 24 hours, and there is permanent coordination with the Ministry of Oil to secure gas for the winter season, but there are great difficulties and a shortage of material, adding: “We need 18 million meters. A cubic meter of gas to become a good electricity reality, but production is limited to 9-10 million cubic meters of the substance.

Al-Zamil confirmed that the ministry is working hard to repair the electrical system in the countryside of Damascus, which was damaged during the war, and there will be a slight improvement in the electricity situation in the countryside, and the situation will be better than last year.

He also pointed out that there is suffering in repairing the electric generation system, and difficulties in contracting with companies to rehabilitate the system, in addition to that it requires large sums of money.

At the beginning of last September, the Director General of the Electricity Transmission and Distribution Corporation, Bassam Darwish, confirmed that the ministry cannot cancel night rationing and limit cutting hours within the morning period, and that the increase in rationing hours is linked to the main input in the process of producing electricity, which is gas, and the quantities of this product are limited and not sufficient. To meet the needs of citizens even in the spring and autumn seasons.

During the last winter, electricity rationing was applied in all Syrian governorates, according to a schedule of 3 hours cut in exchange for 3 connections, as the director of the General Electricity Transmission Corporation, Fawaz Al-Zahir, attributed the reason for rationing to the excess consumption of more than 100% in many governorates, and the use of equipment Poor efficiency and high losses in heating and cooking, causing reciprocating protections to activate and cut off the current.

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