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Wednesday February 24, 2021

Sheikh Naim Qassem: The debate revolves around Palestine and the pillars of his vision of Iran and the resistance in Lebanon

World – Lebanon

The deputy of Sayyid Hassan Nasrallah confirmed to Al-Manar TV in an intervention within the Panorama program today that Professor Anis Al-Nakkash possesses an insightful vision and has remained on the same line for more than half a century. It was against it was against it.

He revealed that he was close to the martyr, Commander Imad Mughniyeh, who provides advice and visions, and is committed to carrying out some actions that can only be done by a person similar to that of Anis al-Nakqash, and the days can reveal more.

His Eminence indicated that after the developments in the region in the first periods in which he worked with the Palestinian resistance through the Fatah movement, the Islamic Revolution won and soon joined this trend and supported the Islamic Revolution and walked under its wing on the basis that it hardened the option of resistance against Israel and was able to be a mainstay. He was one of the pillars of defending Palestine and the Islamic Revolution, and when the Islamic Resistance was launched, he was one of the soldiers who worked in secret and had a major role in supporting this march.

He added that Mr.Anis revolves around Palestine and the pillars of his vision of Iran and the resistance in Lebanon and work against America so that the result will be in the interest of the Palestinian resistance and the liberation of Palestine. Earth

Sheikh Qassem offered all his condolences to the dear professor, the resistant thinker to his family, his family, and all the resistance, countries and groups, and all the lovers.

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