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Monday November 16, 2020

She has a baby boy despite having early menopause thanks to pioneering technology

A Spanish woman who went through early menopause successfully conceived and gave birth thanks to use of a pioneering technique to awaken her ovaries using stem cells.

The new technology, which uses stem cells from bone marrow, offers hope to thousands of women who would orwise have to use an egg donor for IVF.

Doctors said y used a technique known as Ascot (autologous stem cell transplantation in ovary), which involves taking medications to encourage bone marrow to produce stem cells, before extracting cells and injecting m through an artery into stopped ovary.

The woman, who asked not to be named, had menopause at a premature age, because her ovaries stopped producing eggs.
Fortunately, ovarian stem cell transplantation was developed by IVI chain of fertility clinics, and woman was accepted as a participant in clinical trial.

After stem cells were inserted, doctors checked response every two weeks. In end, y were able to induce one of ovaries to produce eggs, which resulted in a healthy pregnancy.

Nuria Beleser, a gynecologist at La Vie Hospital in Valencia, said patient has almost no chance of a successful pregnancy through traditional in vitro fertilization procedures.

She added: “This technique aims to stimulate ovaries by injecting m with stem cells, and this is a procedure that will enable many women with early menopause to conceive in a natural and healthy way.”

For his part, Dr. Cesar Diaz Garcia, Medical Director of IVI Center, said: “We are really excited about se very promising results, which work to reawaken ovaries and pregnancy using stem cells in a woman who may not have hoped for pregnancy.

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The researchers emphasized need for more research in this area to reach an end result that contributes to restoring hope to millions of women around world, according to what was reported by British newspaper, Daily Mail.

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