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Monday September 28, 2020

Shariatmadari apologizes to Sistani – Al-Alam News Channel

World – Iran

Shariatmadari said that his article, which was published last Saturday, stems from his concern about part of the statement of Ayatollah Sistani’s office about the United Nations overseeing the parliamentary elections in Iraq.

Shariatmadari explained that his published article was based on the Persian text of the statement of Ayatollah Sistani’s office about the Marjaiya meeting with the United Nations representative in Iraq, Jenin Hennes Blashardt.

He said: My interpretation from the text of the statement was that Ayatollah Sistani asked the United Nations to monitor and directly supervise the upcoming Iraqi elections. Fortunately, the office of Ayatollah Sistani (Dam Azza) published, and after the article was published in “Kayhan” newspaper, it published an explanation in this regard, and it became clear that my interpretation is far from reality.

Shariatmadari stated that “Ayatollah Sistani had asked the representative of the United Nations in Iraq to observe transparency in all stages of the elections and to monitor the elections seriously and in coordination with the relevant authorities in the United Nations.”

And Shariatmadari added that the statement of Ayatollah Sistani’s office does not talk about the United Nations’s supervision of the elections. Rather, it talks about coordinating monitoring in accordance with United Nations procedures, and means that supervision is carried out by Iraqis only. There are no objections from some of the relevant groups.

He stressed: On this basis, my interpretation does not correspond to the statements of Ayatollah Sistani, and I apologize to his eminence and hope that he accepts my apology.

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Referring to the issuance of some statements by some Iraqi officials, including the Iraqi president, the prime minister, the head of the Iraqi judiciary and the speaker of parliament, Nuri al-Maliki and Haider al-Abadi, in response to his article in “Kayhan” newspaper and in support of the great authority in Iraq, Shariatmadari said that I accept The protests of these leaders and officials, adding that if this does not indicate anything, it indicates the unity and solidarity of Iraq in support of the supreme authority, which is a matter worthy of praise and appreciation.

Shariatmadari pointed out that many editions of “Kayhan” newspaper clearly show the extent of our love and pride in Ayatollah Sistani and the various measures taken by his eminence, especially those that played a pioneering role in preserving the independence and sovereignty of Iraq.

Shariatmadari stressed that the geographical borders, although they are respectful and legitimate, but cannot separate the Islamic community, stressing that Ayatollah Sistani is for all the Shiite world that extends beyond the borders of Iraq and is not limited even to Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, Syria and Pakistan.

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