Serendib Island location

Sri Lanka is located in the continent of Asia between latitudes 5.910 – 9.830 and longitudes 79.650 – 81.880. The land area in Sri Lanka is 64,630 km and its water area is 980 km, with a total of 65,610 km. It is independent in its borders and is not bordered by any state. The official currency in Sri Lanka is Sri Lankan rupee, with a population of 21,481,334 in the 2012 census.[1]

Serendip Island climate

The island of Sri Lanka is characterized by its hot climate due to its proximity to the equator, where temperatures are recorded in the low areas between 22 degrees Celsius and 33 degrees Celsius, while the high areas average temperatures from 7 degrees Celsius to 21.6 degrees Celsius, and as for the rains, they vary according to the different regions located in Sri Lanka, the amount of rainfall in the highlands was estimated to be more than 150 inches, while on the coast it was 98 inches, and the average amount of rain in various regions ranged from 30 to 70 inches.[2]

Serendib island names

There are many nicknames and names for Serendib Island, we will mention the following:[3]

  • Serendip or Serendib, this name was used by the Arabs who conducted sea trade with the island of South Asia in the first century AD, and was derived from Sihalhadalvipa, and this Sanskrit name was used in northern India for Sri Lanka at that time, and the English word Serendipity derives from the name Serendib, which means ability On making unexpected and magical discoveries.
  • Sihaladiba, which means Sinhal Island.
  • Tambabane which means copper beaches.
  • Taproban which is derived from Tambabane.
  • Parasamudra means overseas, and is the name used by Mauryan texts in India.
  • Palisimundu This name was used by the Greeks, and derives from Parasamudra.
  • Sri Lanka in 1972.[4]

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Serendib Island location

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