September month km? The month of 9 is considered within the Gregorian year, as many people wonder about the most important historical events that occurred in that month and the most important global events, so let us take you on a quick tour through which we learn about the September calendar, which is a month in the Hijri calendar, in addition to knowing the characteristics of those born in September, All the details for that month can be found through a useful website.

September month km

It is the 9th month in the Gregorian calendar recognized in many countries, as its origin goes back to the ancient Gregorian calendar, which was considered the seventh. Therefore, we find the root of the word September is septem in the Latin language, i.e. the seventh, before adding January and February, where the old year started from March And it is still the same today.

September which month

September is one of the recognized Syriac calendar months in the Levant and Iraq, which starts from (January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November, December). Gregorian calendar.

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September calendar

As for the calendar month of September 2022, we find it as follows:

Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday
1 2 3 4 5 6 7
8 9 10 11 12 13 14
15th 16 17 18 19 20 21
22 23 24 25 26 27 28
29 30

september order

September is considered the ninth in the order of the Gregorian calendar, which starts from (January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November, December), so it is considered the ninth within the twelve months of the year.

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September month km Hijri

Some may wonder how many September is in the Hijri calendar, as it corresponds to Ramadan in the Hijri calendar, which includes twelve months, so we find, for example, (Muharram, Safar, Rabi’ al-Awal, another spring, Jumada al-Awwal, Jumada al-Akhir, Rajab, Sha’ban, Ramadan, Shawwal, Dhul-Qi’dah, Dhul-Hijjah).

September in numbers

As for the arrangement of September in numbers, we find the number 9 between August and October, which also corresponds to September in the Syriac calendar as well as Ramadan in the Hijri calendar.

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September calendar
September calendar

September events

After we know the most important details about September, we can now mention the most important international occasions and holidays that occurred on that day. For example:

International Day for the Protection of the Ozone Layer

In light of the increasing severity of environmental pollution and climate changes caused by the ozone hole, the United Nations decided to allocate the sixteenth of September to be the International Day of the Ozone Layer, during which all possible ways to preserve that atmosphere and how to address the phenomenon of pollution are discussed. that affected many cities.

International Day of Peace

On the twenty-first of September, the world celebrates the International Day of Peace, through which serious steps are implemented in various countries that suffer from wars and conflicts by implementing peace and spreading goodness and equality among all countries, as well as implementing some other goals such as eliminating poverty or education problems as well as issues of woman.

World Tourism Day

The twenty-seventh of September is considered the World Tourism Day, which takes place through the presentation of distinguished offers by major international hotels and tourism companies, with the aim of stimulating tourism in various countries, and many agencies are also committed to granting their employees vacations in order to enjoy that day.

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Historical events in September

As for the most important historical events that occurred in the month of September, for example, they are as follows:

World War II

The Second World War is considered one of the most important and bloodiest historical events ever, which began on September 1, 1939, with the participation of major Western countries at the time, for example: Germany, Italy and France, which lasted for more than nine years, causing human losses that exceeded the 80 million people plus inestimable material losses.

Orabi revolution

The Urabi Revolution also took place on September 9, 1881, which was headed by Ahmed Orabi against Khedive Tawfiq in Abdeen Square, where the military forces spoke with Ahmed Orabi after the people’s demands were announced, until the Khedive government was later overthrown and a new chapter of Egyptian history began.

9/11 events

The events of September 11th are considered one of the most tragic accidents in history, as a hijacked civil plane deliberately collided with the World Trade Center in New York, which led to the collapse of the first tower about an hour after the explosion, followed by the second tower, which led to the death of More than three thousand people, in addition to thousands of wounded and injured.

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Traits of people born in September

We can now mention the most important characteristics of those born in September, as we find them very kind and love life as they prefer being in the vicinity of family and friends, and they have the sixth sense as it is called, in addition to facing the challenges of life with strength and solidity; Therefore, we find them working in many leadership positions that require thinking and wisdom.

Not only that, but we find a woman characterized by warmth and tenderness surrounding her family with care and attention, and is always keen to provide psychological support to her family members, especially sisters and sons. Totally.

As for the aspect of love, they are very fortunate, as they can adapt to the personality of the other party, whatever his flaws, and they can straighten his behavior in an indirect way so that the two parties stand on common ground and thus the marital life is going better, as January and April are the most Corresponds to those born in September.

in conclusion September month km It is considered the ninth month in the Gregorian calendar followed in many countries, which has 30 days, and is considered the beginning of the autumn season, which lasts until November.

common questions

What is the month of September?

September, or as some call it September, is one of the well-known Gregorian months in the Gregorian calendar, which is considered the beginning of the fall semester and often includes the beginning of the school year in many countries.

The month of 9 AD, what is his name?

The month of 9 AD is considered the month of September, or as it is called the month of September in the Syriac calendar. It is also known as September in Morocco and Mauritania, where it is followed by the month (October, November, December).

How many days in September?

As for the number of days in September, it is only 30 days, in addition to a number of other months within the Gregorian calendar that have 30 days, such as (April, June, September, November).