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Monday September 28, 2020

Self-expression at work .. golden tips

Having the advantage of self-expression and confidence while speaking is very important for many reasons, the most important of which is related to the personal level. If you are well versed in your speech, it will reflect on your professional life in a positive way, but if you are not, then there is no doubt that the damage will not be commendable.

Express yourself in a positive way at work

And if we want to think on a larger scale, the ability to speak at work can be very productive and create great things for your team or the organization as a whole.

If you open your mouth at the wrong time or place, all that will happen is to create gaps between your colleagues and negatively affect the work that is being done.

Let’s take a look at how to speak up at work without being offensive, some site tells us Times Of India.

First rule: appreciate the situation well before speaking

If you were sitting at your desk and you saw your coworkers talking to each other and you wanted to join them, ask yourself first that question: Will something positive happen if you decide to give my opinion? If the answer is yes then you should speak directly.

If you are not sure whether your speech will have a positive effect, you should assess the situation and compare it with your speech.

The general rule of thumb is if the situation is about you then it is a good idea to talk, and on the other hand, if it does not involve you then this is a good indication that you do not have to worry about sharing your opinion in the first place.

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iStock / Take stock of the situation well before speaking

The second rule: express your opinion in a clear and frank manner

This is the key to talking to your co-workers or your boss without appearing offensive.

Express your opinion or request in a very clear way without belittling the other person. Never play with your high and low pitches, just keep your voice as normal as possible.

Rule three: keep calm

Sometimes when you express your honest opinion, you see that the conversation has begun to take a different, more colorful turn. First, you have to know that a difference of opinion is a natural thing at work, and secondly, focus on being a very calm person and reserve some opinions.

And if you see that the other person’s style of talking is holding you back, calm yourself down and then continue talking, or you can easily withdraw from it to avoid developing a conflict.

iStock / Keep Calm

iStock / Keep Calm

Fourth rule: Prepare yourself first

All people tend to feel more confident when they are ready, especially if you intend to talk to your manager about a new project idea, request a salary increase, or discuss with your colleagues a work-related issue, for example.

The magic of this rule is that the other person who is discussing with you will see that you can speak in all angles, and thus may make some concessions to you. Therefore, always be prepared as it makes you appear firm and confident in what you want and also knows your choice of words.

Fifth rule: Use your body language to your advantage

When you have to state what you want at work, you need to make sure that you use positive body language.

Keep your posture straight and use open body language. Look at the person directly in their eyes and do not tighten your jaw or tighten your facial muscles. Smile from time to time, as this will definitely help you look better during the conversation.

The sixth rule: be comfortable saying “no”

Being able to say “no” will undoubtedly help you speak more freely at work without appearing rude or offensive.

There are times when your line manager or your line manager continues to burden you with more and more work, and if you are not getting fair compensation for that work, you can comfortably say the word “no”, and your manager will surely understand that.

The seventh rule: Be humble and let others talk

The last element that must be remembered permanently is allowing others to speak as well, just as it is important for you to be firm and to hear your voice at work to get what you want and need.

Always remember this rule: “Half of effective communication is listening to others.”

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