Most would agree to work with someone close to the heart; Therefore, it is recommended to deal with co-workers with love and cordiality, and to talk to them on various informal topics that help to communicate with them personally and not only professionally, and thus the person shows his interest in them as people and not just as co-workers.[1]

Sincerity at work

When a manager uses an employee to complete a task; It means that he trusts his work; Therefore, sincerity must be shown in accomplishing what is required by, for example, turning off the phone, arriving at work early, staying in it a little later, and taking a shorter lunch break during the first period of assigning the task, and it is noteworthy that these things highlight the person and show him as an employee you can rely on him.[1]

Self confidence

For the employee to prove himself at work, he must be confident in himself without exaggerating it, but in the way that shows others that he is a person who has great experience but wants to learn more and help his colleagues at the same time, and on the other hand, it must be shown that he is not accepted to be treated as a lesser employee Tidy as it is, always modest.[2]

sharing ideas

The employee may have a great desire to share his thoughts on a particular topic at work, but exaggerated enthusiasm may lead to wrong solutions. himself in it, and when he is ready to speak, he should focus on choosing what is best for the job rather than trying to show himself only in a good way.[2]

Mastering a specific skill

The employee can prove himself at work by searching for a specific unique skill and then training it well to become proficient in it, while trying to choose the skills required to accomplish the tasks of the institution, and when there is a vacancy for that skill, the employee will be able to obtain it, or when the institution creates a new initiative It requires a certain skill that did not exist before, the trained employee will also be there to prove himself in it.[3]

the reviewer

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Proving yourself at work

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