self realization

Self-actualization is one of the personal processes that an individual seeks to reach; Since it is personal, this means that it differs from one individual to another, and thus self-actualization can be defined as the individual’s ability to realize his creative, intellectual, or even social potential.[1]

Maslow’s hierarchy of needs

It is worth noting that the first person to talk about self-actualization was the scientist Maslow through the hierarchy of needs; Where he linked between the individual’s self-realization and the individual’s fulfillment of his needs, and therefore it can be said that the individual may reach the self-realization by achieving his personal and life needs, and Maslow arranged these needs in the form of a pyramid that begins with the individual’s fulfillment of physiological needs such as eating and drinking, then the individual moves to research For security and protection, then looking for love and belonging; And when these things are achieved, the individual begins to respect himself and look at himself positively, and through the individual passing through these stages and fulfilling these needs, the individual reaches what is called self-realization, which was generated by realizing the potentials that he has.[2]

How to achieve self

In order for the individual to reach self-realization, Maslow suggested several steps or methods in this regard, and the following are some of them:[3]

  • Non-faking: The individual who seeks self-realization must act naturally without any pretense and stay away from shyness and fear of trying new things; That is, he tries to free himself from anything that might limit him and make him behave differently from his nature.
  • Self-knowledge: The self-actualized individual should try to know himself and stay away from individuals who impose opinions and explain what he feels or thinks, because the self-actualized individual is the one who knows himself more than others.
  • Defining goals: This is done through the individual achieving his small goals and working to achieve them, his big goals are achieved and thus his arrival to self-realization.
  • Learning from experiences: The individual’s learning from the situations and experiences he is going through, whether these experiences are negative or positive, contributes greatly to the individual’s access to the realization of himself and his potential.

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self realization

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