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Thursday December 31, 2020

See the bombing messages at Aden airport, Yemen?

The World – Particular to the World

In an interview with Al-Alam TV on the “Yemeni Al-Mashhad” program, Tariq Salameh asserted that: “These explosions and criminal action go beyond the topic of political messages, as they fall within the framework of the main events of the occupation’s invasion scenario, specifically in the recent period to deserve this scenario.”

Salameh added: “This criminal act is in the context of spreading widespread chaos in Yemeni society, spreading discord and plundering wealth, and distracting from monitoring the main enemy in the coming period. As for the accusations circulating between the tools of the transitional, separatist occupation and practical legitimacy, they remain within the framework of directives by the intelligence services.” UAE and Saudi Arabia. ”

Twenty-six people were killed and dozens were injured, including Hadi government officials, in bombings that took place at Aden airport, during the arrival of government members from Riyadh, followed by heavy gunfire in the area of ​​the attack.

Details in the attached video …

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