The degree of progress of societies is evaluated according to the percentage of learners in them. Education in modern societies is necessary to complete the process of building the individual and to push the modernization movement forward permanently to keep pace with rapid developments in the technological and scientific fields.

The main factor in the educational process around the world is schools, whether governmental or private, and each of them depends on the existence of curricula in addition to activities aimed at raising the student’s skills and the degree of his intelligence, and from here the importance of school libraries and the artistic and literary activities they provide has increased, until it has become a center for resources learning for students; It has been transformed from a repository of books and information into a workplace and activity within the school system.

learning resources


Learning resources are located in specialized centers such as school libraries, which are the educational environment that contains various forms of information sources, and by dealing with them, the learner or student acquires new skills and experiences, whether with external guidance or through self-education, and the purpose of learning resources is to provide the appropriate atmosphere For the learner to enhance the skills of research and exploration, and also helps the teacher to follow modern methods in designing lessons for students and implementing them successfully.


The centers that contain learning resources represent a different model from the regular school class, which attracts students’ interest and increases their ability to absorb, and the presence of a learning resource center in the school saves a lot of material expenses that go to equip all classes with the necessary technologies, in addition, the The Learning Resource Center is a particular benefit to the teacher himself in the process of preparing lessons and developing activities for students that break the deadlock that both the student and the teacher face in the school schedule, by changing the place and method of learning, and at non-routine times; So that the teacher can move with his students to the library or the headquarters of activities at any time after coordination with the Secretary of the Center.


The total tasks that fall under the responsibility of the Learning Center is the ultimate goal of its establishment, because the Learning Center, through the various learning resources that it contains, provides assistance to students and teachers in accessing information that serves educational and educational goals, in addition to providing advice to faculty members about the media. The learning center indexes and categorizes the various learning resources and provides them to students and teachers with ease and ease, while preparing reports on the performance of the center and the extent of its benefit to both the teacher and the student.

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