Jaffa City

Jaffa is an occupied Palestinian city founded in 4000 BC by the Canaanites. Its land area is 6.4 km². Its name is derived from the Canaanite language and means beautiful view. It has been called the Bride of Palestine. Nations and peoples such as the Pharaohs, the Babylonians, the Assyrians, the Persians, the Greeks, the Byzantines, the Islamists, the British, and finally the Israeli occupation that still exists there today.

The geography of the city of Jaffa

Jaffa is located astronomically at a longitude of 34.17 degrees east of the Greenwich line, and at a latitude of 32.3 degrees north of the equator. Cold and warm in the fall and spring, and hot and humid in the summer.

Residents of the city of Jaffa

Its population, according to 2009 AD statistics, reached 60,000 thousand people. Its population has fluctuated over the years. Its population has reached:

year 1809 AD

6,000 inhabitants.

year 1834 AD

15,000 inhabitants.

1906 AD

47,000 people.

1910 AD

70,000 inhabitants.


94,310 inhabitants.

Its population consists of Palestinian Arabs and Jews, and its residents adhere to the Christian religion, the Islamic religion, and the Jewish religion. They also speak the Arabic language and the Hebrew language.

Jaffa city landmarks

  • The Great Mosque: It is also known as the Great Mahmudiyah Mosque. It is located in the old town, and is characterized by its largeness, and the presence of the Mahmudiyah path located next to it.
  • The Castle Church: It is one of the ancient historical monuments in it, and it belongs to the Catholic community.
  • Tell Al-Rish: It is located on the eastern side of the city, and its height is forty feet, and it is characterized by modern buildings, and the orange groves that surround it.
  • Al-Bassa: It includes many fresh water tanks, and a sports stadium.
  • Hasan Bey Mosque: It is located in the Mansheya neighborhood, and it is the remaining archaeological landmark in the neighborhood after its demolition.
  • Tel Gerisha: It is located in the northern part of the city. As it overlooks the Greishah River.
  • Clock Square: It is known as Martyrs’ Square, and next to it are the Great Mosque, the Government House, and the banks.
  • Ancient burials: Sultana’s cemetery, the public cemetery, Tal al-Rish cemetery, Sheikh Murad’s cemetery, and al-Ajami cemetery.
  • Other landmarks: The Eid Square in which celebrations are held on holidays and occasions, the old baths known as the Turkish Hammam, the Al-Dabbagh Mosque, the Al-Maskobiya Church, and the shrine of the guardian Sheikh Ibrahim Al-Ajmi.

Flags of the city of Jaffa

  • Martyr Dalal Mughrabi.
  • Writer Mustafa Darwish al-Dabbagh, and writer Abdul Wahab Kayali.
  • Professor Noaman Ali Khalaf.
  • Artist Ibrahim Hassan Sarhan.
  • Rifaat Turk.
  • Researcher Sami Abu Shehadeh.
  • Philosopher Ismail Al-Faruqi.

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