Independence Day

When the state has a rule of its own, and its people take over its rule, without being subject to a foreign will, it is called an independent state, so the people celebrate that day called Independence Day, when their countries gained their independence, and got rid of the control of other countries, and it is a fixed day in all General, linked to the memory of freedom and liberation from the slavery of the occupied state, and it strengthens the patriotic spirit of the people of the country, and unites them under the banner of independence despite the difference of their clans or religions, so they remember the glories of their ancestors and their efforts for freedom, and they strive to complete what the homeland made for the sake of the independence and the advancement of their ancestors. .[1]

Dates of Independence Days

The day each country celebrates differs from the other, according to the day on which it was liberated from occupation and gained its independence. The following are the dates of Independence Day for countries in the Arab world:[2]

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Saudi Arabia


The United Arab Emirates


Sultanate of Oman


South Sudan


Independence Day Celebration

The people celebrate their country’s independence day, expressing their love and belonging to the homeland, and to enhance their sense of pride in their belonging to it. The roads are adorned, the voices of patriotic songs rise on the radio, and celebrations and festivals are held in the streets, schools and theaters. In celebration of her independence day, she expresses her gratitude for the freedom of their country.

Celebrations of Arab countries

The Arab countries did a lot for the sake of freedom, so we find the Independence Day celebrations joy and pride for the citizens, so they celebrate in their own way, and the following is a quick overview of the celebrations in some Arab countries:

  • Emirates: The UAE holds festivals that include patriotic and folk performances, and some government departments such as the Ministry of Justice hold community activities, and an exhibition may open that sheds light on the history of the UAE, and some folkloric dances and fireworks can be seen.[3]
  • Jordan: Public buses are adorned with Jordan’s flags roaming its streets, and some Jordanian artists hold patriotic concerts, accompanied by folk dances and songs, and the kingdom’s sky is also witnessing air shows.[4]
  • Saudi Arabia: During the reign of King Abdulaziz Al Saud, Saudi Arabia celebrates its national day in which the Saudi territories were united under the name of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Streets and homes are decorated in green on this day, and various celebrations and events are held.[5]
  • Lebanon: Lebanon’s governorates are filled with activities and festivals to celebrate Independence Day. The national anthem is heard loudly from schools and squares, and some military parades are held at festivals.[6]
  • Tunisia: On the day Tunisia was liberated from French colonialism, various festive activities are held. Musical plays are held in theaters, and new officers are being graduated, documentaries and many lectures are shown to celebrate this day.[7]

Celebrations around the world

Celebrations in the countries of the world are linked to many beautiful activities and traditions, which bring citizens together in the streets and squares to celebrate, and each country is characterized by a set of practices that make this day an unforgettable event, including:[8]

  • Colombia: Hot air balloons are launched in the sky of Colombia, in celebration of its pursuit of complete freedom, which it obtained in 1819 AD, and women cook corn cakes associated with Independence Day, and perform folk dance performances in the streets.
  • India: India was liberated on the 15th of August from the British occupation that lasted for 200 years. The people celebrate this day by decorating the sky with kites, which are a symbol of freedom there. They are colored in the colors of the Indian flag: white, emerald green, and orange.
  • Indonesia: To celebrate the Independence Day in Indonesia, there is a different atmosphere. The people play a game called Panjit Penang. Many gifts are hung at the top of a column painted with oily mud. Young people climb to reach them and get various prizes. Hundreds of green turtles are also released into the ocean from the beaches of Kuta in Bali. Indonesia gained independence from the Netherlands in 1949 on the 17th of August, after a war that lasted 4 years.
  • America: The most popular activities that are held on the fourth of the month of 7, to celebrate the independence of the United States of America are fireworks, so you see parades in the sky of all states, and the streets are colored with clothes bearing the colors of the American flag, and the people eat sausage sandwiches, which are their festive meal.
  • Costa Rica: This small tropical country celebrates its independence on the 15th of the month of 9 every year, practicing folk dances in colorful folk costumes.
  • Cambodia: The Cambodian people gather and set off to celebrate Independence Day from the memorial called Phnom Penh, which was erected in 1953 AD to celebrate the country’s independence from France, and colorful balloons are also launched there.

motives for independence

When the state is under colonialism, its people do not calm down until they regain their independence, so the imbecile resists by various means, and he is motivated by many reasons for this struggle. The clan and tribal affiliation motivate the resistance, such as the Iraqi Zubaidi tribe, which was known for its valor in the Twentieth Revolution in Iraq. As for the Copts and Christians, their national feeling and affiliation may motivate them to struggle, and this is evident in the Coptic national resistance in the 1919 revolution led by Saad Zagloul.[9]

the reviewer

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